Enhanced VoIP fax transmission with added security and reliability


Founded in 2003, Vitelity built its entire VoIP network, maximizing its vendor relationships and alliances and leveraging decades of telecommunications experience. The result is a company and network focused first and foremost on the customer and dedicated to delivering all of the many benefits available through VoIP technologies. Vitelity provides the interworking and IP alternatives that are required by service providers and end-users and is focused on delivering reliable, high-quality VoIP products and services. As a result, carriers, service providers and end-users all benefit. In short, Vitelity’s network is engineered like no other. Vitelity was acquired by Onvoy, LLC, a leading provider of national and international carrier services. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Onvoy provides a full suite of carrier voice services delivered over an Nx10G nationwide on-net infrastructure with connectivity to top US markets. Onvoy provides a nationwide foundation for Vitelity’s innovative product development. Vitelity saw increased demand in customers wanting a complete VoIP solution for all of their business communications, removing the need for costly analog phone lines. For many business customers, this included the need to keep their fax machine and continue to have the ability to send business-critical documents as a fax. Vitelity saw the opportunities to help customers with these demands, but also help consolidate all essential business communications to one provider. As part of their original fax solution, Vitelity offered an analog ATA connected to a SIP Trunk as their connectivity solution for their customers. ATAs using T.38 and G.711, however, have been proven to be unreliable when interfacing fax machines with a SIP trunk. Reliably issues such as jitter, packet loss and latency are often seen when trying to fax with an ATA designed primarily for voice. If any of these reliability issues occur during the transmission process, the fax will fail to send. The telecom industry as a whole has faced difficulties and challenges with making fax over IP work dependably and these reliability issues are a known concern when using T.38. In addition to reliability issues when using an analog ATA with SIP, it is not a secure method of faxing due to lack of encryption. With the T.38 issues and the increased demand for a full VoIP environment, Vitelity wanted to find a better solution for their customers. Vitelity wanted to help their customers with their VoIP requirements while allowing customers to keep their fax machines and resolve common issues with reliability and security. If Vitelity were to find a solution that met all of these requirements, not only would they be able to meet customer demand, they would be able to promote their fax services to a larger market where fax machines were used more widely.

Highlights & Challenges

  • Increased demand

    Increased demand

    More customers wanting a complete VoIP solution for all of their business communications

  • Lack of security

    Lack of security

    Using ATAs with SIP is not a secure method of faxing due to lack of encryption

  • Reliable and secure ATA

    Reliable and secure ATA

    Send and receive faxes reliably and securely over VoIP network

  • No barriers

    No barriers

    Fax capabilities remove barriers to SIP migration

"The AudioCodes HTTPS based Fax ATA gives Vitelity customers the optimal fax solution. It makes everything more efficient, reliable and secure."

Scott Navratil, Executive Vice President at Vitelity


Vitelity found the ultimate solution that helped move their customers to a full VoIP environment as well as fix customer fax reliability and security issues with the use of the AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATA. The Fax ATA was able to connect fax machines at the customer premises and securely send faxes via HTTPS to Vitelity’s datacenter. Streaming the fax negotiation via HTTPS provided the rock-solid solution that business customers needed.

This method of sending faxes using HTTPS also gave Vitelity the ability to encrypt the faxed documents and offer security no matter where the fax was sent. Vitelity is now able to provide customers in the healthcare industry an integrated fax solution that meets HIPAA requirements, as well help customers consolidate all of their business communications through Vitelity solutions.


With the help of the AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATA, Vitelity customers are now able to send and receive faxes reliably and securely while maintaining the same user experience as when the fax machine was connected to an analog phone line.

Since deploying the AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATA solution in early 2013, Vitelity has branded the product as ‘FAX Enable’ and found it to be a great addition to their existing vFax service. Vitelity has seen a consistent trend of over 100+ users per month moving their fax machines from analog lines to their FAX Enable offering.

With FAX Enable, Vitelity is now able to provide complete fax integration as part of their VoIP communications.

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