Solutions for Contact Centers

Contact Center Cloud Infrastructure

AudioCodes Hybrid Cloud Architecture is focused on removing the complexities of migrating to the cloud and addressing the needs for persistent, secure and, most importantly, high voice quality connectivity to Contact Center applications hosted in a variety of different environments.

With AudioCodes’ Hybrid Cloud Architecture, hosted Contact Center operators can:

  • Attract more Customers by minimizing their migration costs to the cloud and by directly addressing and alleviating customers’ concerns about Voice Quality, Security and Availability
  • Improve Operations by providing bandwidth optimization tools, monitoring service levels as well as simplifying the deployment and support and troubleshooting of connectivity issues

Contact Center Cloud Infrastructure

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AudioCodes flexible hybrid cloud architecture offers:

  • Comprehensive portfolio of all required building blocks - Gateways/SBCs, Phones, Media Servers, Recording, Quality Monitoring
  • Flexible deployment options - component drop or end-to-end solution
  • Support for any cloud configuration – public, private or hybrid
  • À la carte transition to SIP with investment protection
  • Cost effective design; scale & resilience by replication
  • Best-in-class provisioning & management
  • Unmatched voice quality control