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Voca Conversational Interaction Center

Conversational AI Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

  • Conversational Call Steering and Auto-Attendant
  • No-code Virtual Agent Flow Designer
  • Call Queues, Skills and Real-time Analytics
  • Agent Interface with CRM Integration


Experience for callers interacting with companies, tying together Workers, Agents and internal business lines under service workflows using modern Behavioral Routing and Conversational AI technologies.

Featuring a unique combination of Conversational AI, Contact Center and Voice Networking technologies, the Interaction Center solution from AudioCodes features an advanced multi-language Conversational AI interface that instantly automates IVR and Queuing by using simple, intuitive voice requests over natural language, providing out-of-the-box experience for a variety of Conversational IVR, Auto-Attendant flows and Virtual Agent use-cases.

Coupled with Voca’s Contact Center capabilities, the application also includes an intuitive No-code Flow Designer, dedicated Agent and Supervisor experience, CRM integration, Skill-based routing, Real-time Dashboards and a rich set of Historical Reports, providing customers with a complete all-round Interaction Center solution.

With flexible deployment and connectivity models, Voca tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams and any other UC or PBX for IVR and Queuing, allowing customers to manage their CC, IVR, Auto-Attendant and Call Queues in one centralized multi-tenant application, that is able to serve multiple voice platforms in parallel.

The solution is GDPR compliant and available for quick deployment from zero-to-service in just a few days.

Voca Online Onboarding

Why Voca?

  • A unique mixture of Conversational AI and Contact Center capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box Conversational Call Steering
  • Built-in Cognitive Services for customized Virtual Agent call flows
  • Integration with any CRM, API and external Database
  • Rich set of Real-time and Historical reporting
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams Voice infrastructure
  • Unlimited IVR menus, Virtual Agents flows, Call Queues and Logged Agents

Technical Highlights

  • Multi-language Conversational interface
  • Seamless connectivity with Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing and Operator Connect
  • Supports integration of Auto-Attendants, IVRs and Call Queues with any voice platform
  • Multi-tenancy with Role-based access controls
  • Floating license model available for Service Providers and multi-site Enterprise
  • Available as a Cloud service from AudioCodes as well as On-premise on customer’s Data Center


Getting Started with Voca Conversational Interaction Center

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AudioCodes Voca – Let your customers talk from start to finish

Voca is an Agile Conversational IVR solution that enables customers and internal users to talk their way through any IVR menu, providing a delightful calling experience from start to finish.

Voca: Conversational IVR for Microsoft Teams

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