SmartWORKS Call Recording Blades

HPXMedia™ VoIP Recording Device

HPXMedia™ VoIP Recording Device

The AudioCodes HPXMedia provides an easy to deploy low to high density recording solution for VoIP networks.

VoIP Call Recording

Supports multiple CODECs commonly used on VoIP networks. Encoding support of both low/high bit rate formats with .WAV header support.p>

High Density Architect

The HPXMedia is designed to create a high density recording solution by offering recording capabilities up to 480** conversations per server. Communicates over TCP/IP allowing for a geographically separate installations of multiple servers (under development).

Automated Termination of Recording

The Soft Recorder API provides programmatic control of termination conditions while recording. Provides maximum time and file size (bytes) conditions to control the automated termination of recording.

Automatic Summation

Complete support of full-duplex recording. Once recording is initiated the AudioCodes automatically sums the conversation without application management.

Product features:

  • Media Control - CODECS
  • DTMF Tone Detection (RFC 2833)
  • Programmable Jitter Buffer
  • Full-duplex Recording
  • Stop Recording Triggers