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AudioCodes’ management and operations solutions are a suite of holistic life-cycle applications suitable for large scale cloud or premise-based unified communications deployments

Operations CenterThe management and operations suite provides full coverage of the entire set of actions required to manage a voice network in a unified communication environment. In conjunction, the applications form the basis of a powerful network operation center (NOC) with complete end-to-end network control, service assurance capabilities and comprehensive optimization and future planning tools.

The management and operations suite uniformly manages, monitors and operates the entire AudioCodes One Voice portfolio, including SBCs and Media GatewaysMicrosoft SBAs and IP Phones.

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  • Easy and secure transition to VoIP deployments including UC, hosted business services and contact centers
  • OpEx and TCO reduction by using centralized tools to remotely operate the VoIP network components
  • Efficiency and simplified device operation, administration and fault management
  • Intuitive real time network view, capturing entire network status in real time
  • Reduce MTTR with integrative detection and correction tools
  • Powerful analytic reports for effective planning of future network expansion and optimization

Operations Center

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Innovative Life Cycle Management Framework

Innovative Life Cycle Management Framework

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Network Readiness Analysis

Proactive, pre-deployment analysis of network readiness for voice traffic. Voice traffic emulation for measuring bandwidth capacity limits within the enterprise LAN and between branches (WAN). Assessment of voice quality on different network conditions.

Installation and Commissioning

Comprehensive tools for AudioCodes One Voice portfolio products roll out. Includes configuration templates, import/ export device configuration, step-by-step SBC configuration wizard, auto-discovery of AudioCodes devices in the network and zero touch provisioning upon device reset.


A unified user Interface to manage the entire voice network's day by day operations. With simple mass updates and upgrades, administrator single sign-on, easy device drill down for local configuration, centralized alarms view, alarms forwarding to email and SMS, operation scheduling, centralized call routing management and integration with 3rd party operations systems.


Real time and historical quality of experience analysis across all voice network elements.

Real time quality assurance

Real time alarms for bad call experience, Real time performance monitoring, Voice quality analysis, Call control analysis, Activity journal to correlate network problems with configuration changes, Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

Historical reports for network expansion planning and optimization

Traffic bandwidth reports, performance monitoring reports, voice quality correlated with calls history trends reports. Automatic report generation based on a set schedule