VoIP Processors (Chips) for VoIP Gateways



The AC490xx family of DSPs is an ideal solution for medium density, Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways. Featuring low power consumption and small footprint, the AC490xx provides an excellent building block for VoIP gateways. Fieldproven, feature rich software and reference design, enables the rapid development and fast time-to-market of the complete solution. The AC490xx is based on VoIPerfect architecture, AudioCodes’ underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway technology for all of its products.

Deliver Feature-Rich Solutions
The AC490xx Voice over Packet Processor (VoPP) combines up to 12 channels of toll quality low bit rate voice compression or up to 24 G.711 channels, which are processed with an improved G.168-2002 compliant echo canceller (configurable tail length of up to 128 msec). Other voice quality enhancers include Adaptive Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Generation and
Adaptive Jitter Buffer.

Field-proven G3 Fax Relay, compliant with the T.38 ASN.1 standard, is a major enhancement to the AC490xx offering. The Fax Relay can withstand delays of up to 10 seconds in the network. It has passed several interoperability tests with major OEMs worldwide and also was tested with numerous fax machines. The Fax Relay functionality does not alter the channel density.

Packetization & Encryption
The AC490xx also provides RTP/RTCP Packetization and DTMF relay. This feature offloads the Packet Processor from these tasks. RTP Packets may be optionally encrypted according to state of the art encryption algorithm AES.

The AC490xx also offers a new set of media processing technologies, such as fast/slow voice playback, automatic gain control, energy detector, and packet to packet Transcoding (full duplex Low Bit Rate to PCM packets in one channel). These features enable developers of Media Server Platforms to exploit AudioCodes’ vast experience in the voice over packet market for significantly shortening their time-to-market.

New DSP Technology
The new AC490xx DSP is based on state of the art DSP technology, which offers low power per port and high density per mm2. The AC490xx offers host port interface for both media and control/status packet exchange. Suitable drivers are supplied with the AC490xx for fast software integration.

AC490xx Features

  • Wireline, wireless & cable low bit rate Voice Coders
  • G.168-2002 compliant Echo Canceller
  • T.38 compliant Fax Relay (does not reduce LBR density)
  • In-Band Signaling, international caller ID support
  • IPmediaTM features
  • PacketCable media encryption (AES)
  • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • RTP/RTCP/SRTP Packetization inside