Management Applications

Management Utilities

As part of the One Voice Operations Center management suite, AudioCodes offers a number of complementary management utilities to simplify the installation, utilization and troubleshooting of our products and solutions. These utilities are provided as standalone software applications which can be downloaded directly from our website and used freely.

The management utilities currently available to download are:

  • SBC Wizard: an intuitive utility designed to enable the installation and configuration of our Mediant SBCs in just a few clicks
  • Syslog Viewer: a comprehensive log viewer for rapid troubleshooting of device problems
  • SCOM Management Pack: a plugin enabling the integration of AudioCodes’ devices status and alarms into Microsoft SCOM

SBC Wizard

SBC WizardA user-friendly online tool designed to get AudioCodes Mediant SBCs up and running quickly and easily:

  • Easy to install and simple GUI Windows-based application
  • Predefined interoperability configurations between SIP Trunk services and PBX models
  • Automatic updates of interoperability data base from AudioCodes cloud
  • Built-in online help


Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack

SCOMAudioCodes provides a Management Pack that enables users to monitor AudioCodes devices using the SCOM interface.

Microsoft SCOM enables customers to reduce the cost of data center management across server operating systems and hypervisors though a single, familiar and easy-to-use interface. AudioCodes Management pack enables monitoring of Mediant 1000, Mediant 1000 MSBR, Mediant 2000 and Mediant 3000 using the SCOM interface via SNMP protocol. Management features include the use of the discovery module, health states, alerts and performance counters.

Syslog Viewer

Syslog ViewerA comprehensive troubleshooting tool designed to collect, view and analyze syslog messages coming from AudioCodes devices.

  • High scale real time syslog collection from AudioCodes devices with pause and resume options
  • Graphical SIP ladder diagrams are displayed on selected SIP sessions
  • Save syslog messages to a file which can be loaded later for further offline investigation
  • Formatted color display according to different message severity
  • Intuitive and yet comprehensive search and filtering
  • Network impairments resiliency
  • Connects to multiple devices in real time and shows each device logs in a different tab
  • Can open and show logs collected also by 3rd party utilities