Multi-Service Business Routers

Mediant 800B uCPE Platform

vE-CPE Benefits for Hosted Service Providers

The AudioCodes Mediant 800B Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) is an ideal platform for UCaaS providers looking to reap the benefits of Network Function Virtualization. The platform integrates an Intel server module which can run multiple AudioCodes or 3rd party uCPEs, in conjunction with embedded Physical Network Functions (pNF) required for hosted business communications, such as: branch routers, VoIP SBC and media gateways for SIP interoperability, connectivity, security and resiliency.

The Mediant 800B uCPE platform has an on-board SBC which provides hosted UC voice resiliency through local survivability and dual WAN connectivity. In addition, AudioCodes VoIPerfectTM technology guarantees superior voice quality over regular broadband links.

The Mediant 800B uCPE platform integrates a media gateway for legacy voice connectivity, including FXS/FXO, E1/T1 and BRI trunks, enabling the customers to gradually migrate from their legacy PBX and fax machines to UCaaS.

Mediant 800B uCPE Platform
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  • Deploy multiple uCPEs on a single device at customer premises
  • Compatible with OpenStack and 3rd-party NFV orchestrators and VNFs
  • Embedded media gateway, session border controller and router
  • Dedicated server module for uCPEs, ensures high performance
  • Multiple WAN interfaces enable WAN resiliency
  • Analog and TDM interfaces deliver legacy connectivity and smooth migration from TDM to UCaaS
  • High voice quality UCaaS service over regular broadband links through AudioCodes unique VoIPPerfect solution


  • A Virtual Universal CPE  platform, combining a standard Intel server with Physical Network Functions (pNF)
  • On-board branch router, SBC and media gateway
  • Multiple WAN interfaces, including 3G/LTE
  • Session border controller (SBC) and media gateway for VoIP interoperability, connectivity, security and resiliency
  • Standard x86 COM-Express Intel CPU module for hosting VNFs