MediaPack Analog Gateways

MediaPack 1288 High-Density Analog Gateway

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The AudioCodes MediaPack 1288 (MP-1288) is a cost-effective, best-of-breed high density analog media gateway. Supporting up to 288 analog ports in a compact 3U chassis, the MP-1288 superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and modems with IP-based telephony networks, as well as for integration with IP PBX systems.

The MP-1288 offers a cost-effective solution for organizations transitioning to All-IP that need to integrate large numbers of analog devices into their new infrastructure. The MP-1288 enables these organizations to protect the investment made in their analog devices and cabling while enjoying the functional and cost benefit of the move to the All-IP infrastructure.

The MP-1288 is particularly suited to the needs of markets such as:

  • Service providers
  • Hosted UC operators
  • Hospitality
  • Large enterprise campuses


  • High density analog media gateway supporting up to 288 FXS ports
  • Ideal for large analog deployments for converting voice, fax and modem calls to IP
  • Scalable solution with three capacity options: 288, 216 and 144 ports
  • Cost-effective - single management interface, single IP, no need to stack and cable multiple small analog gateways
  • Reduced footprint - 3U Chassis
  • Designed for carrier-grade environments with 1+1 Power Supply modules and Ethernet redundancy
  • Rich interoperability and partnerships that extend across multiple vendor devices and protocol implementations
  • Delivers high service performance and voice quality

Key Features

  • Support for advanced coders such as NB-AMR and NB-OPUS
  • Support for SRTP on all channels without capacity hit
  • Lifeline interfaces for automatic switching to PSTN on power or network failure
  • Integrated protection against surge damage on FXS ports (ITU-T K.21 - basic level compliance)
  • Supports short and long haul up to 7.5 Km
  • Support for emergency / elevator phones that require higher loop current and increased ring voltage
  • Rich and Powerful SIP normalization and routing mechanisms for seamless interoperability
  • SIP header manipulation
  • Extensive fax support including T.38 version 3
  • Supports survivability for hosted communications services and centralized IP-PBX deployments