MediaPack Analog Gateways

    MediaPack 20x

    MediaPack 20x

    The MediaPack 20x (MP-20x) series of Analog Telephone Adapters are cost-effective, advanced 2 and 4 ports ATAs, which enable fast and smooth migration of traditional analog telephones, fax machines and conference speakerphones to a Voice over Broadband (VoBB) service as well as the benefit from enhanced offering in the form of multi lines, optional 3G/4G broadband access.

    As a member of the MediaPack series of gateways, the MP-20x series of Telephone Adapters are well-suited for commercial VoIP deployments. Field-proven voice and fax technology and a feature- rich design make these Telephone Adapters an excellent choice for Voice over Broadband (VoBB) service providers and operators.

    Designed for SOHO IP Telephony

    The MP-20x ATAs are compact in design and compatible with international voice and data standards for use in home-office and small businesses, in SIP trunk offering or Hosted solutions for connecting traditional analog telephones, fax machines and conference speakerphones.

    The MP-20x ATAs typically connect to an existing Broadband Internet device (cable, DSL modem or fixed wireless), and establish a communications path with the service provider network via its IP Uplink connection. Supporting a rich set of subscriber calling features such as caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting, the MP-20x series maintains a uniform user experience when migrating to VoIP services. Optionally, the MP-20x series serves as a router, supporting connectivity of home PC Networks. Unique reliable, secured Fax over HTTP application is also available for guaranteed fax transmission even in non-stable (e.g. wireless) network condition.

    Benefit from Extensive Experience

    Utilizing AudioCodes’ VoIPerfect™ core architecture, and gaining from its accumulated experience in providing IP telephony solutions, the MP-20x ATAs combine superior voice quality and cutting-edge features for end users, such as T.38 Fax Relay and G.168-2004 compliant Echo Cancellation. Low bit rate vocoders (voice coders) can be used simultaneously on all the telephony ports to save valuable bandwidth.


    The MP-20x series is designed for interoperability with leading Softswitches and SIP servers for deployment in various network environments.