VoIP Processors (Chips) for IP-PBXs

RISC Free IP-PBX Toolkit

RISC Free IP-PBX Toolkit

The RISC Free IP-PBX Toolkit enables developers to benefit from the embedded Asterisk IP-PBX application while offloading the CPU from its load due to voice processing tasks, along with utilizing AudioCodes superior voice quality and enhanced features.


The RISC Free IP-PBX Toolkit is a combined hardware and software reference design for the IP-PBX with up to 16 analog channel support and up to 32 IP Phone support, providing a complete cost-effective solution for various applications. Utilizing AudioCodes field-proven VoIPerfectHD™ architecture (High Definition VoIP) support and  the embedded Asterisk IP-PBX application, the AC494E System on Chip (SoC) and the AC498 DSP, allow this reference design to offer OEMs and ODMs a cost-effective and quick time-to-market solution for the rapidly growing SOHO and SMB VoIP markets.

AudioCodes' AC494E SoC (System on Chip), is a single, field-proven chip consisting of a complete 4 channel VoIP solution, integrated with superior voice quality at a competitive price. The AC498 DSP is an add-on 4 channel VoIP device for the AC494E. Up to three AC498 devices can be concurrent with the AC494E, providing a configurable VoIP density between 4 to 16 channels.

Infrastructure for IP-PBX systems including the hardware design & IP-PBX embedded Asterisk based sample application

For developers who would like to develop a complete IP-PBX based on AudioCodes AC494E device, using a ready-to-use hardware and software solution.

Development platform for embedded Asterisk integrated with AC49x-DSP

For developers that would like to use the AC49x-DSP with their Asterisk based products and any RISC CPU, using the Asterisk AC49x channel driver.

Asterisk IP-PBX Toolkit

*Asterisk® is a trademark of Digium, Inc.


Asterisk AC49x Channel Driver

The Asterisk AC49x Channel Driver is an add-on software to the Asterisk application and connects it with AudioCodes AC49x devices. When using the AC49x Channel Driver, all the Codec Translators and RTP functions are handled by the AC49x DSP, which offloads the CPU and increases the utilization of the final product. The AC49x Channel Driver also supports various analog interfaces as part of the AC49x IP-PBX reference design including FXS, FXO and BRI modules.

Asterisk AC49x Channel Driver 



  • IP-PBX Development Platform based on AudioCodes SoC devices
  • FXS, FXO and BRI modules
  • Linux OS for MIPS (Kernel 2.6)
  • Free Development Environment
  • AC49x Channel Driver to be used with embedded Asterisk IP-PBX application (open source code)
  • IP-PBX Asterisk based sample application



  • Integrated 300 MHz CPU for IP-PBX and Data applications
  • Complex vocoders, wideband vocoders, and T.38 FAX support
  • USB and SD storage support
  • Scalable solution, several choices of AudioCodes DSPs with any RISC CPU
  • Improved performance, offloading the CPU for more tasks