SmartWORKS Call Recording Blades



The SmartWORKS IPX is an essential component of your call recording solution that provides complete event triggering, call state reporting and media forwarding for many of the industry leading IP-PBXs. The IPX is capable of monitoring up to 480 concurrently active calls and is available in PCI or PCIe form factors. Supporting multiple protocols, it has 2 on-board connections for monitoring upstream and downstream traffic and 1 on-board connection for the forwarding of up to 480 fullduplex sessions.

Tapping Environment
The IPX is designed for IP call recording applications capable of monitoring a large number of VoIP endpoints and forwarding a total of 480 full-duplex or 960 h alf-duplex streams.

Session Management
The IPX includes a Session Manager for tracking calls and media sessions on the IP network. Each media session is treated independently with a unique session ID.

Your application can easily manage call forwarding with the session IDs provided by the IPX.

Station Management
Automatically locates all VoIP stations on the network and assigns a unique ID to each endpoint. IPX dynamically identifies phones as they are added to the network and reports when they are removed.