SmartWORKS Call Recording Blades

SmartWORKS PCM32 Passive/Terminate Card


The SmartWORKS PCM series cards have been designed to combine the same features and capabilities of SmartWORKS cards with a PCM32 front end. This board has been designed to work with the PCM32 Megalink protocol.

Optically Isolated
The front end of the cards have been designed with a standard RS485 electrical interface that is optically isolated from the board.

Programmable Trunk Impedance
An API has been included in the SmartWORKS API to control trunk impedance which is configured on a per trunk basis. Trunk impedance is switchable between Hi-Z and 120 Ohm.

Programmable Idle Coding Format
Software selectable idle coding format: μ-law,A-law (terminate setting only).

On-board DSP to complete voice processing
Encoding capabilities, with a rich set of CODECS, reduces the need to purchase other hardware components.

CODEC Support
SmartWORKS products offer a large selection of voice CODECS.(including G.723.1, G.729A and MS GSM)

PCM Interface
The electrical interface conforms to RS485 specifications. Each trunk processes up to 32 channels, with a maximum of 512 channels per system. The SmartWORKS PCM supports programmable trunk impedance, coding format, frame sync. and signal configuration through the SmartWORKS API.

Built in Performance Monitoring
Event driven alarms are reported for loss of synchronization. This feature is enabled through the SmartWORKS API.