VoIP Processors (Chips) for VoIP Gateways

Sunflower VoIP System on Chip (AC5042)

AC5042 (SunFlower)VoPP System on Chip

The Sunflower processors family is the next-generation AudioCodes System on Chip (SoC) devices that integrates Gigabit Ethernet and GMAC Switch, Video coprocessor, PCI Express I/F, security capabilities and superior voice quality features.

The Sunflower device is dual-core based on ARM Cortex A8™ at 1GHz and AC50x-DSP core at 750MHz allowing ODMs and OEMs to develop Gateways and IP-PBX with enhanced data and voice performance. The Sunflower is based on VoIPerfectHD™ architecture (High Definition voice support), AudioCodes’ underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway technology for all
of its products.

Sunflower Software Development Kit (SDK) and Reference Design

The Sunflower SDK couples the hardware with a complete Linux software suite supporting voice and network protocols, call features and management applications. This software is available in open source code allowing customers to easily differentiate themselves. The SDK implements the SIP control protocol and Asterisk based IPPBX application.

The reference design can be use as an infrastructure for IP-PBX and Gateway products.

The scalability and flexibility of this reference design and its open source code software allows customers to rapidly customize and actively deploy a differentiated VoIP gateway product to any market.

Sunflower (AC5042) IP-PBX

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