TrunkPack Media Gateway Blades

TP-260/SIP - 8 E1/T1 VoIP PCI Media Gateway Blade


The TrunkPack (TP)-260/SIP PCI VoIP Media Gateway blade is a complete SIP-compliant “media gateway on a blade”, delivering a cost-effective solution in a convenient PCI form-factor. This unique stand-alone PCI media gateway operates independently and relies on the host PC only for its power. The TP-260/SIP communicates to applications via SIP using an onboard Ethernet interface. Using a special standards-based approach eliminates host PC device drivers and operating system dependencies, seamlessly connecting existing PSTN-based systems to support VoIP.

The TP-260/SIP is an ideal solution for SIP trunking gateways and integrated media gateways for IP-PBXs and all-in-one communication servers. The blade is designed for enterprise applications or for smaller to medium PCbased systems. The TP-260/SIP provides up to 240 ports for voice, fax or data for VoIP media gateway applications. Employing SIP as a control protocol, the TP-260/SIP enables System Integrators (SIs) short time-tomarket and reliable cost-effective deployment of next-generation networks. The TP-260/SIP utilizes AudioCodes’ TPM-1100 PMC modules which are based on the VoIPerfectTM architecture, AudioCodes’ underlying core media
gateway technology.

Deploy Best-of-Breed Right-Sized Systems
The TP-260/SIP PCI VoIP Media Gateway on a blade matches the density requirements for small to medium locations, while meeting Network Service Providers’ demands for scalability. The TP-260/SIP stand-alone VoIP Gateway on a blade scales from 1 to 8 E1/T1/J1 spans in a single PCI slot and provides an excellent gateway solution for enterprise applications as well as carrier locations.

Create Flexible Products and Services
The TP-260/SIP enables NEPs to immediately address opportunities that utilize a myriad of legacy circuit-switched infrastructure features and functionalities. The TP-260/SIP extends the flexibility of the Media Gateway family with additional deployment options – made available by providing smaller size and finer granularity of the digital trunk scalability options. The open platform of the TP-260/SIP offers NEPs the option to install this complete SIP controlled Media Gateway blade into their PC server, running the application to have a complete solution within the same server.

Benefit from Extensive Gateway Experience
AudioCodes’ commitment to innovation yields consistently high-quality voice processing products that are flexible, intelligent and comprehensive.

TP-260/SIP Features

  • 30, 60, 120 and 248 independent voice/fax/data ports
  • VoIP packet streaming (RTP/RTCP)
  • Real-time fax over IP/T.38
  • Tone detection and generation (MF, DTMF, RFC 2833)
  • PSTN Signaling: CAS, ISDN PRI
  • Management Interfaces: Web server, SNMP V2
  • On-board 10/100 Base-T Network interface
  • Universal PCI interface – power supply only
  • Unrestricted PCI bus or PC CPU power