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Skype for Business - All-in-One - CloudBond 365

The industry has validated the concept of unified communications (UC) as a staple in the workplace with trends indicating that cloud is the next wave to hit. These two technologies, combined in the form of cloud-delivered UC, represent a seismic shift in how organizations interact both internally and externally.

Microsoft’s Cloud vision is to offer the full communications platform, including meetings and voice directly from the Office 365 cloud productivity suite, opening new ways for businesses to enjoy the power of unified communications from the cloud. The new Cloud PBX call management capabilities in Skype for Business Online represent Microsoft’s first step in offering enterprise voice features, with the ultimate goal of offering a complete PBX replacement platform as a service from the cloud. While Microsoft’s Cloud PBX offering is still evolving into a full PBX replacement, a solution exists today that bridges the gap, creating the critical bond between today’s UC and the cloud of tomorrow.

AudioCodes CloudBond 365 is the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring Skype for Business enterprise voice to your Office 365 deployment. AudioCodes CloudBond 365, part of AudioCodes’ One Voice for Skype for Business suite of products, is a modular, adaptable solution for the data center, customer premises or the branch. A versatile all-in-one Skype for Business appliance designed for hybrid environments, it combines the best of the Skype for Business server, the Cloud-PBX and the service provider’s voice services.

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AudioCodes CloudBond 365 Deployment Scenarios

AudioCodes’ CloudBond 365 is a versatile appliance. Here are the most common migration use cases for Cloud PBX, leveraging CloudBond 365:

Single Site/HQ

From SMB up to 5,000 enterprise users, CloudBond 365 can be deployed as the main Skype for Business voice infrastructure, connecting to Office 365 or in a standalone mode. Leveraging the native capabilities of the Skype for Business server, CloudBond 365 can also be deployed in disaster recovery (all models) or full high availability modalities (CloudBond 365 Pro Box and Enterprise Box Editions only).

Skype for Business single site deployment with CloudBond 365
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Branch Sites

Providing full survivability and local PSTN termination, CloudBond 365 is an ideal solution for obtaining maximum communications performance for remote branches. Whether it is connected to the main HQ Skype for Business server deployment or a partner-hosted platform, branch users can enjoy uninterrupted optimal service for all communications modalities, even in the case of a WAN failure.

Skype for Business branch site deployment with CloudBond 365
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Cloud PBX: Local PSTN Connectivity Hybrid Scenario

CloudBond 365 provides connectivity to the cloud on the one hand and to the PSTN on the other. It facilitates a simple migration with a hybrid approach, starting with only some users registered to the cloud and others registered to the on-premises CloudBond 365. CloudBond 365 can support the hybrid Cloud PBX – local PSTN connectivity scenario in a variety of ways including:

  • A greenfield deployment in which there was no prior implementation of a Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure and the company wants to migrate some, but not all of its users to the cloud
  • A full cloud deployment for headquarters users while remote branches use the local PSTN
  • An existing Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure where the customer may want to leave office users homed in the on-premises infrastructure for full PSTN and PBX capabilities but may also want to migrate information workers to Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Hybrid Scenario with CloudBond 365
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CloudBond 365 Benefits and Features

  • Enables the migration to Skype for Business enterprise voice providing the option to have full PBX features or be homed in Cloud PBX
  • Offers a complete Skype for Business solution that integrates the connectivity and management tools in one package
  • Comes in different box edition sizes, as a virtualized appliance, or as a management pack and can adapt to different architectures and business models
  • Delivers special management interfaces for Office 365 and the corporate Active Directory, which automate the Hybrid or Cloud PBX connection
  • Supports new user management capability to simplify user policy management
  • Offers backup and restore support
  • Includes desk phone management capabilities