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Security and Fraud Prevention

Skype for Business - Security and Fraud Prevention

With losses due to global toll fraud estimated at $46 billion in 2013, most CIOs today would agree that a “better safe than sorry” approach to security is advisable when it comes to deploying communications systems. With ubiquitous access to the internet and IP networks, VoIP-based systems such as Skype for Business are particularly vulnerable. By adding a layer of security at the point of demarcation, the enterprise is able to mitigate risks, including Denial of Service (DoS), SPIM, spoofing, and other malicious attacks that could adversely affect the performance of the entire voice infrastructure.

AudioCodes Mediant session border controllers (SBC) in conjunction with the AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center suite of management solutions, play a critical role in maintaining enterprise voice security, identifying and blocking unwanted traffic, while maintaining the privacy of all internal IP addresses and domain name information.

Multi-layered Protection for Skype for Business Voice Networks

Multi-layered Protection for Skype for Business Voice Networks

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  • Protection against attacks (e.g. denial of service, SIP floods)
  • Topology hiding
  • Call Admission Control (both for TDM and SIP)
  • Monitoring and reporting of unusual calling behavior


  • Ensures secure access to SIP trunks
  • Prevents fraudulent use of network resources
  • Management tools ensure rapid detection and prompt handling of security issues