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Comprehensive, fast, and effective support

AudioCodes offers flexible Technical Support services that ensure customer care and optimized network performance and availability. AudioCodes is committed to providing customers and partners with the most comprehensive, qualified Customer Support. Our Global Customer Support team delivers customer-oriented technical support, training, and consulting that ensure you get the best value from your AudioCodes products.


Contact Us

  • Email:
  • North America: +1-732.652-1085, +1-800-735-4588
  • Israel: 1-800-30-50-70, +972-3-9764343
  • International Number :  +800 444 22 444 (dial +80044422444 without adding additional 0 prefix or 00800 444 22 444 – in some countries '+' is dialed as '00' as this is an international toll free number), Available in the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK
  • APAC :  +65-6493-6690

* Some Countries require a prefix before the 800 number, for the complete list click here.
Customers in other countries are more than welcome to call internationally to our support center in Israel: +972-3-9764343.

2 80729389
3 9764802
+800 444 22 444
+800 444 22 444

The service you need

AudioCodes offers a flexible range of standard and optional service and support programs to meet your company's unique needs. Designed with the diverse range of telecom applications for AudioCodes products in mind, the programs can be selected and combined to provide various levels of service and support. From system-level products deployed as part of an overall Service Provider solution to small enterprises, AudioCodes' Customer Support has a cost-effective support plan that meets your needs.

Top tier every time

AudioCodes’ Customer Support programs are designed to allow you to select the support package and level you need. Support services are provided in a tier-based structure, with local and centralized product expertise to make certain that the most in-depth knowledge and focused service are delivered how and when you need it.