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Applications for Microsoft Skype for Business

AudioCodes offers a set of complementary, value-added applications for Microsoft Skype for Business deployments. The applications can run on AudioCodes E-SBCs, gateways and SBAs or an external server.

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Campus Mobility Fax Server SIP Phone Support (SPS) Auto Attendant IVR SmartTAP Call Recording Applications

SmartTAP Call Recording

SmartTAP-ApplicationAudioCodes SmartTAP for Microsoft Skype for Business is a certified and secure call recording solution that enables the recording of key business interactions within a Microsoft Skype for Business environment. SmartTAP is compatible with VoIP, TDM, and hybrid telephony environments. Built on a proven technology, SmartTAP leverages years of experience in developing and integrating call recording solutions.

Main features and capabilities

  • Certified call recording solution for Microsoft Skype for Business
  • No conferencing resources required
  • Full support for the Microsoft RTA codec
  • Remote branch survivability with buffering technology
  • A simple, easy-to-use centralized management web based interface.
  • Multiple call search criteria and filtering with customizable display of results
  • Live call monitoring and quality management

Auto Attendant IVR

Auto Attendant-IVR-Application

AudioCodes' Auto Attendant is a multi-language, distributed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that provides enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool to manage inbound calls and deliver them to intended destinations based on the buttons pressed by the caller, using speech or DTMF detection.

Auto Attendant can be deployed as a standalone system or on AudioCodes gateways and SBAs in branch offices to complement the Microsoft Skype for Business Server.

Main features and capabilities

  • Supports voice activation menus, prompts and Text to Speech
  • Transfers callers to additional menus and extensions based on caller input
  • Different IVR behavior for office open, close and holidays
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to agents based on Skype for Business presence
  • Graphical User Interface for managing IVR menus and call flow
  • Allows direct extension reach with minimal DID
  • Remote online management of the Auto Attendant service
  • Multi-Language support


SIP Phone Support (SPS)

SIP Phone Support (SPS)-Application

AudioCodes SIP Phone Support (SPS) is a value-added application for AudioCodes Mediant SBCs and gateways which enables smooth connectivity for non-certified IP Phones with Microsoft Skype for Business. By connecting between the Skype for Business Server and IP Phones that are not Skype for Business certified, SPS provides investment protection and deployment flexibility for enterprises with installed base of existing IP phones. Implementing SPS enables advanced features such as enhanced presence, Active Directory, and support for high definition wideband coders.

Main features and capabilities

  • Supports Active Directory
  • Supports Skype for Business Server presence
  • Can scale to support thousands of users
  • Works in conjunction with Microsoft SBA
  • Based on a certified Microsoft protocol interface
  • Supports Skype for Business security features, such as SIP over TLS and Secure RTP

Campus Mobility

SIP Phone Support (SPS)-ApplicationAudioCodes offers a unique solution for campus mobility within Skype for Business environments through comprehensive integration with industry-leading IP DECT platforms. Based on the SPS value-added software application, AudioCodes enables employees at locations such as factories, warehouses and healthcare institutions to benefit from Skype for Business functionality, including presence and integration with Active Directory. AudioCodes’ campus mobility solution is integrated with Ascom, Gigaset, Aastra, IKON and NEC.

Main features and capabilities

  • Integrated with Skype for Business presence, Active Directory
  • Works in conjunction with Skype for Business clients and IP phones
  • Offers IP DECT coverage over large area with roaming and seamless handover
  • Can scale to support thousands of users
  • Works in conjunction with Microsoft SBA
  • Based on a certified Microsoft protocol interface
  • Supports Skype for Business security features, such as SIP over TLS and Secure RTP


Fax Server

Fax Server Application

AudioCodes’ Fax Server is a powerful and flexible tool for managing inbound and outbound enterprise fax transmissions. AudioCodes Fax Server is a pure software application which can be deployed on a standard server or on AudioCodes Mediant Gateways and Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA) in branch offices. For multi-site organizations the Fax Server application may be deployed at branch offices or as a centralized application in the datacenter serving all remote branches.

Main features and capabilities

  • Fax2Mail - Fax is received as email with PDF attachments
  • Automatic Fax Detection supporting T.38 and T.30 fax protocols
  • Mail2Fax - Send Faxes from the company email (Office, Home or Mobile) with attachments (e.g. DOC, PDF, Excel, Power Point, Images, TXT etc.
  • Easy to set up - integrates with the enterprise’s Active Directory (LDAP) and the enterprise’s mail server (SMTP)
  • Scalable from a few to dozens of fax ports
  • Support for corporate fax, dedicated fax number for specific users and combined voice/fax mailbox
  • Distributed or centralized Fax solution