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Lync Hosting Partner (LHPv2)

In Lync Hosting Partner deployments, the Lync Servers are hosted by a hosting partner as a shared resource for several customers.
Lync Hosting Partner Pack is a specialized version of Lync designed to allow hosting partners to offer Lync as a customized service through the Internet with an option for additional services.

Lync Hosting Partner (LHPv2)
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Hosting Partner’s side

  • Service Provider Connectivity – The Mediant line of Enhanced Gateways and SBC connect the front end Lync Servers pool to ITSPs and PSTN networks
  • Voice Quality Monitoring – AudioCodes Session Experience Manager (SEM) is an intelligent analysis tool used to monitor the quality of Voice over IP calls within the hosting partner’s network and its connecting trunks to service providers
  • Centralized Device Management – Audiocodes’ centralized Element Management System (EMS) provides centralized Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security management and monitoring

Customer Premises

  • Connectivity to Service Providers – Mediant SBC can be used to connect customer locations via a virtual SIP trunk to the hosting partner’s mediation server. In addition, where local PSTN or SIP trunk connectivity is required, Mediant SBC and Enhanced Gateways connect to local service providers
  • Lync-certified IP Phones – The 400HD family of Lync-compatible IP phones offers full integration with Microsoft Unified Communications coupled with enhanced voice quality and affordable prices
  • Multi-Service Business Routers (MSBR) for Branch Survivability – As an option to a local SBC or Enhanced Gateway, AudioCodes Mediant MSBRs can be deployed to enable branch survivability through a variety of redundant WAN connectivity options (3G/LTE, xDSL, Eth. etc.)
  • Integration with On-premises PBX/IP-PBX – PBX/IP-PBX integration enables gradual migration to Lync – starting with pilot users and shifting more users to Lync over time, powered by the same qualified Enhanced Gateways and SBC used for service provider connectivity
  • Lync Communications Applications – AudioCodes offers a set of complementary applications for Lync deployments. The applications run on AudioCodes SBC and gateways or an external server