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AudioCodes Live Platform – Service Management

Powerful self-service platform for effortless user and device management

Full Lifecycle Device and User Management Platform

AudioCodes Live Platform management services simplify everyday tasks and troubleshooting, from detection to correction, ensuring user satisfaction and productivity. From an intuitive self-service portal, you can deploy, monitor and manage all your customers meeting room devices, business phones and users, as well as define calling policies, ensuring 24/7 availability.


Seamlessly manage and monitor devices and users across multiple clients.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify day-to-day user and device management tasks.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address device issues before they impact clients.

Enhanced Client Experience

Provide reliable, secure and up-to-date devices.

Microsoft Teams Tenant Management

AudioCodes Live Platform simplifies the deployment and management of Teams voice, allowing you to configure and customize Teams tenants as well as users and call policies with ease.  

  • Multi-tier, self-service customer management  
  • Service automation accelerates and simplifies customer and partner onboarding 
  • Powerful monitoring, analytics and reporting tools for real-time insights into customer operations 

User Management

AudioCodes Live Platform goes much further than streamlined onboarding and connectivity, also offering comprehensive user and QoE management capabilities. 

By eliminating the need for multiple management tools like PowerShell, and the required on-staff masters to manage them, AudioCodes Live’s powerful user management functionality helps you increase efficiency and reduce management costs. 

  • Self-service portal for defining user profiles and corporate calling policies 
  • Move/Add/Change/Delete (MACD) operations 
  • Phone number lifecycle management  
  • User management automation  

Device Management

The AudioCodes Live Device Manager gives you complete control over Microsoft Teams Rooms devices throughout their whole lifecycle, including installation, monitoring and maintenance, regardless of where they are located. 

  • Easily deploy and configure meeting room devices and IP phones 
  • Installation, monitoring and maintenance of devices  
  • Bulk configuration and software updates for regional and remote sites via redirect server 
  • Device status dashboard and troubleshooting  

Simplify Deployment and Everyday Tasks

Day 1

Provision and Deploy

  • Network topology planning and design
  • Settings and provisioning
  • Device discovery and auto-registration
  • Redirect server enrollment for home users
  • Automatic device initial configuration
  • Bulk configuration for regions and sites

Day 2

Operation and Management

  • Monitoring and deployment overview
  • Device status and troubleshooting
  • Daily maintenance
  • Bulk firmware updates (including peripherals)
  • Security alarms for events such as multiple sign-in attempts
  • Health dashboard for strategic meeting room and VIPs

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