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Site Resiliency for Microsoft Teams Phone and Contact Centers

Ensuring uninterrupted PSTN calling for Teams branches during service outages

Reliable Voice Connectivity at All Times

Microsoft Teams has become the backbone of modern business unified communications, integrating voice, video and messaging into a cohesive platform, with many organizations adopting Teams as a full PBX replacement. Therefore, it is essential that organizations can maintain uninterrupted access to outbound and inbound calling services even when the connection to the Teams servers is lost due to hardware failures, software glitches, or network issues.

AudioCodes offers a number of solutions for Microsoft Teams Phone branch resiliency to suit different customer needs. The solutions are all certified by Microsoft and are easy to deploy and manage.

AudioCodes Survivable Branch Appliances for Microsoft Teams

The AudioCodes’ Direct Routing Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) family is a set of enterprise class, integrated hardware and virtual appliances designed to ensure continuous access to voice services for Microsoft Teams. AudioCodes’ SBAs offer scalable TDM and SBC-based (SIP trunk) voice resiliency with local voice breakout.

5G Backup for Centralized SIP Trunks

A different approach to branch resiliency may be required for distributed enterprises employing a centralized Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SBC for PSTN breakout. In such a scenario, loss of Teams connectivity at a branch can leave users without local PSTN connectivity. To resolve this situation, AudioCodes multi-service business routers (MSBRs) running the SBA software can be deployed with 5G cellular data backup. In the event of a WAN outage or loss of connectivity with the Teams service, the Teams endpoints will register to the local SBA. A SIP peering connection is automatically activated over 5G between the branch SBA and the organization’s SBC enabling uninterrupted inbound and outbound calling.

5G data backup is supported by the Mediant 500Li branch router and the Mediant 5G-Extended Access device.

High Availability SBA Configuration

AudioCodes SBAs support high availability configurations to offer enhanced PSTN calling resiliency at larger branches. In such cases, the SBA can be configured to work in conjunction with AudioCodes Direct Routing SBCs (or media gateways) in high availability mode. In addition, an organization can deploy two SBAs in tandem at a site to provide extra resiliency. In normal operation the SBAs can work in parallel sharing the load between users. If one of the SBAs becomes unavailable the second one can take over and handle all the branch’s voice traffic.

Powerful SBA Management & Monitoring

Configuration and monitoring of AudioCodes SBAs is handled via a dedicated management portal with an intuitive graphical interface. The SBA management portal enables IT staff to quickly identify networking and device issues leading to reduced resolution times and increased service availability.

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