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Converged UCaaS and CCaaS for Microsoft Teams


In 2020, Vanderlande, a global leader in logistic process automation, initiated a transformative shift to Microsoft Teams Phone in collaboration with AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams. This marked a significant transition, setting the stage for further advancements. More recently, Vanderlande leveraged AudioCodes Voca Conversational Interaction Center (CIC) for their mission-critical, 24/7 contact center operations, going from a costly and unreliable CCaaS to cost-effectiveness and resiliency provided by Voca CIC.

Vanderlande is renowned for pioneering logistic process automation solutions prioritizing speed, reliability and efficiency across diverse industries. Their journey with AudioCodes started with the AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams managed voice connectivity service which includes around the clock support from AudioCodes global services team. With AudioCodes’ Microsoft- Certified Direct Routing session border controller technology at its core, AudioCodes Live provides seamless connectivity between Teams and the PSTN delivered on a per-user per-month basis, offering predictable costs and simplifying budgets.

For more information, visit the Vanderlande website.

Vanderlande’s Journey with AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams

In Vanderlande’s case, they leveraged AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams service as the bedrock of their Teams Phone deployment, placing trust in AudioCodes’ expertise to manage and support their Microsoft Teams environment. This service encompasses a spectrum of functionalities dedicated to simplifying the integration of Microsoft Teams with telephony and communication systems.

Vanderlande’s CCaaS migration to Voca CIC

Vanderlande’s experience with their previous contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) vendor was marked by challenges related to stability, uptime and cost-effectiveness. Their contact centers, including critical 24/7 hotlines, experienced ongoing disruptions, some lasting for extended periods. Vanderlande were dissatisfied with the previous vendor’s support response times, sometimes taking over a day.

Vanderlande sought a reliable and highly available contact center solution that meets their demand for a stable, smoothly operating experience that is able to satisfy the critical services which they provide globally.

AudioCodes, understanding their needs, offered more than a solution – a strategic partnership. Vanderlande’s pursuit was about precision alignment with their specific requirements. AudioCodes proved to be a perfect fit from the start, addressing Vanderlande’s unique needs seamlessly. With a tailored implementation, AudioCodes offering became nothing short of a game-changer.


In entering into a collaborative partnership with AudioCodes, Vanderlande set out to achieve several key objectives for their contact center. Their requirements included:

  • Enhancing the stability and overcoming previous challenges in critical areas to ensure a more robust communication infrastructure.
  • Improving call routing efficiency, streamlining the process of directing customer calls, reducing customer wait times and optimizing customer service delivery by connecting incoming calls to the most suitable agent.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams Phone as the underlying, consolidated infrastructure for both unified communications and contact center communications, with a managed CCaaS service that tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams.
  • Streamlining customer service operations by enhancing the customer experience, focusing on service efficiency and customer satisfaction and providing a superior level of support to clientele.
  • Addressing cost-related concerns and implementing a solution that is not only stable, but also cost-effective.

  • Implement Microsoft Teams Phone and contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) through a single managed service provider.

  • Ensure the selected solution’s resilience and dependability, supported by a thorough and responsive support experience from the managed service provider.

  • Cultivate a collaborative and strategic partnership with AudioCodes, focusing on a deep understanding of their unique business needs.

  • Discover a solution that aligns precisely with their business requirements, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

“Voca CIC, powered by AudioCodes, has transformed our customer service at Vanderlande. Integrating our contact center with Microsoft Teams has not only optimized call flows and reduced agent onboarding time but has also utilized conversational AI for valuable customer insights. This resulted in enhanced customer support and satisfaction, backed by improved uptime and a highly responsive support system.”

Levent Günsüren, Service owner Unified Communications, Vanderlande Industries B.V.

Voca Conversational Interaction Center for Microsoft Teams

In close collaboration, Vanderlande and AudioCodes embarked on the development of a tailored solution designed to meet their unique needs. Leveraging their previously successful partnership with AudioCodes, Vanderlande selected AudioCodes Voca CIC as their CCaaS solution. This strategic approach not only simplified the integration of their communication infrastructure within Microsoft Teams, but also opened the doors to advanced contact center capabilities.

Voca CIC, a lightweight cloud-based contact center with built-in conversational AI, is designed entirely for Microsoft Teams to unify the customer and employee experience.

Voca CIC is based on an Azure-native integration with Teams and offers a unique mix of contact center and voice expertise, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to modernize their customer experience (CX) capabilities with minimal upfront costs.

Key attributes of Voca CIC include:

  • Azure-native integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Agent interface with rich call controls, CRM information, availability, wrap-up and statistics.
  • Built-in conversational AI ready for out-of-the-box usage.
  • Unlimited skill and Teams presence-based routing across every department.
  • No-code drag-and-drop call flow designer.
  • Secure multi-tenancy for multi-site organizations with separate management and reporting.
  • Real-time dashboards and historical reports for agent activities, queue statistics and IVR performance.

In essence, Voca CIC provides agents all the contact center capabilities they need and spreads modern CX capabilities like intelligent routing, self-service intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), queuing and CRM to every department in the company, while using Microsoft Teams as a centralized one-app, one-screen communications platform.


The collaboration between Vanderlande and AudioCodes has led to significant improvements in Vanderlande’s communication infrastructure. Voca CIC now supports over 170 of Vanderlande’s hotlines, including essential 24/7 mission-critical ones, using AudioCodes Azure geo-redundant cloud.

This solution’s key benefits included:

  • Stable and reliable contact center environment including high availability, minimal downtime, data security, scalability and consistent service.
  • Consolidation of unified communications and contact center through the transition to Microsoft Teams Phone, resulting in a more cohesive and efficient environment.
  • Integration of advanced contact center capabilities, enhancing call routing efficiency and agent productivity.
  • Introduction of conversational AI features that enriched customer insights, streamlined customer operations and substantially improved the overall customer experience.
  • Teams voice connectivity delivered as a service on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Facilitation of a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences.
  • Streamlined customer service operations, resulting in improved customer experience.

Crucially, Voca CIC provides Vanderlande with a sense of peace of mind concerning contact center uptime and responsiveness, enabling mission-critical operations to run seamlessly, especially during peak seasonal periods throughout the year.

This collaborative approach underscores the value of addressing complex communication needs through partnership and stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving substantial enhancements in communication technology. AudioCodes regards Vanderlande as a trusted design partner for Voca CIC, having diligently listened and learned about Vanderlande’s requirements and operations to create capabilities that can deliver an effective and robust solution.

Future plans include expanding the number of Voca CIC concurrent channels, potentially offering omnichannel and introducing Agent Insights for auto-summarization of agent interactions.

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