TrunkPack Media Gateway Blades



The TrunkPack 6310 VoIP communication platform, with a STM-1/OC-3 PSTN interface, is an ideal building block for deploying highdensity, high availability Voice over Packet (VoP) systems. The TP-6310 is suitable for high-density VoIP gateways, Packet to Packet mediation, media servers and cable telephony gateways. Offering integrated voice and signaling gateway functionality, the TP-6310 supports all necessary functions for voice and fax streaming over IP networks.

Deliver Feature-Rich Solutions
The TP-6310 supports a broad selection of voice processing-related algorithms, including G.711, G.723.1 and G.729AB Vocoders, G.168-compliant echo cancellation, T.38 real-time Fax over IP, a wide selection of In-band and Outband tone detection and generation. In addition, the TP-6310 also supports signaling protocols including ISDN PRI, SIGTRAN (M2UA, M3UA, IUA) and CAS. All media processing, signaling and control protocols are applied independently and simultaneously on all of the 2016 LBR channels.

Comply with Industry Standards
The TP-6310 blade complies with industry-standard network control protocols including MGCP, MEGACO (H.248) as well as AudioCodes’ proprietary API (TPNCP). This allows for the implementation of a distributed gateway architecture that separates call-processing functions from media streaming functions. This results in better redundancy, scalability and higher system availability.

Protect Customer Investment
The TP-6310 is based on the VoIPerfectTM architecture, AudioCodes’ underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway technology for all of its products. The TP-6310 supports AudioCodes’ API, which enables software download, provisioning and control. It was designed to maintain essential API backward compatibility in order to protect customers’ investment in the development
of products based on former generations.

Enable Fast & Easy Integration
Enabling accelerated design cycles with high density and reduced costs, the TP-6310 is an ideal building block for reliable VoP solutions. With the TP-6310’s comprehensive feature set, customers can quickly design a wide range of solutions for migration to VoP networks.

TP-6310 Features

  • 2016 voice/fax independent multiple LBR channels
  • Integrated Automatic Protection Switching (APS) OC-3/STM-1 for PSTN interface
  • Standard control: MGCP, MEGACO
  • Complete media gateway on a blade
  • G.168 compliant echo cancellation
  • Real-time fax over IP/T.38
  • PSTN Signaling: CAS, ISDN PRI and SSlayer 3 termination
  • Tone detection and generation (MF, DTMF, RFC 2833)
  • Dual redundant 10/100/1000 Base-T interfaces, PICMG 2.16 compliant