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"We measure our success based on the success of our customers. Nothing else." - Shabtai Adlersberg, CEO and founder

  • University of Central Florida

    University of Central Florida United States

    “One of the primary drivers we look for in a partnership is the ability to be agile with us … what we found is every time we’ve asked AudioCodes to come in and take on something … we’ve received very positive feedback that [they] have done that.”

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  • Berry Global

    Berry Global United States

    "As a contact center engineer with over 15 years of experience with several platforms, I can confidently say that I’ve never encountered a company quite like AudioCodes. They actively listen to their customers and swiftly adapt to meet their requirements. If you’re utilizing Microsoft Direct Routing today and have the need for an omnichannel CX solution, do yourself a favor and consider AudioCodes Live and Voca CIC.”

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  • DSTNY for Service Providers NL

    DSTNY for Service Providers NL Netherlands

    “The synergy achieved through our partnership with AudioCodes perfectly resonates with Dstny's competitive strategy and our mission of 'strong alone, better together'. The partnership empowers us to focus on core operations, while optimizing technical resources for a dynamic, adaptable, and future-proof service platform for Microsoft Teams."

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  • Falck

    Falck Denmark

    “AudioCodes revolutionized our contact center communications, aligning them with contemporary standards and fulfilling our stringent business continuity demands.”

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  • Vanderlande

    Vanderlande Netherlands

    “Voca CIC, powered by AudioCodes, has transformed our customer service at Vanderlande. Integrating our contact center with Microsoft Teams has not only optimized call flows and reduced agent onboarding time but has also utilized conversational AI for valuable customer insights. This resulted in enhanced customer support and satisfaction, backed by improved uptime and a highly responsive support system.”

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  • Breckland Council

    Breckland Council United Kingdom

    “AudioCodes was a great advisor and partner for Breckland Council’s contact service automation project. The voicebot service was swiftly deployed without any glitches, staying within the budget, improving constituent service without having to replace our current contact center."

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  • Bizerba

    Bizerba Germany

    "Thanks to AudioCodes’ SBCs, Bizerba now has a state-of-the-art infrastructure for leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams, enabling our employees to communicate effectively with each other and with our customers, no matter where they are.”

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  • Tecpetrol

    Tecpetrol Argentina

    “Because of Microsoft’s great UC platform, our integrator Newtech and AudioCodes’ flexible approach and products, we managed to successfully migrate to Microsoft Teams and improve our customers’ experience and productivity.”

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  • Aqua Pharma

    Aqua Pharma Chile

    “Thanks to AudioCodes, our staff can be completely confident that their contributions in business meetings with colleagues and customers around the world will be seen and heard clearly at all times.”

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