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Accelerate your business productivity and enable better decision making across the entire organization

Meeting Insights captures, analyzes and organizes every Microsoft Teams meeting in your organization, and allows company wide information sharing.

Every Meeting. Every Detail. One Place.

Turn every Teams meeting, demo, webinar, and presentation across your organization into a reusable resource for better decision-making.

  • Review calls you couldn’t attend in as little as five minutes.
  • Base decisions on real insights from meetings, not hunches.
  • Focus on the conversation while AI records and shares the notes.
  • Uncover knowledge buried in public conversations across your organization.

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Automatically Record, Transcribe and Get AI-powered Insights for Microsoft Teams Meetings.

With Meeting Insights, you can automatically or manually record any meeting you want. You’ll receive the full meeting recording, transcript and AI-powered meeting minutes directly to your email.

  • All AI-powered meeting minutes are linked to the meeting recording and full meeting transcript, so you can easily access any detail.
  • AI-powered meeting notes organizes your meeting summary, key topics, action items, decisions and questions asked within each meeting.

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All the knowledge shared across your company meetings, in one click


No More Scrolling Old Teams Meeting Chats. Access All Meetings Content in One App.

Meeting Insights keeps all your company meetings and content in one searchable place. No more asking and waiting for access or sharing links to recordings. Using privileged access, everyone in your organization has access to the meeting recordings held virtually all over the globe. Search, find, and consume meeting content in one place.

This is Notetaking on Autopilot. Get Every Detail, from Every Call.

Live meeting attendance has come and gone. With Meeting Insights, you only need to invite a select few as Mandatory and leave others as Optional. Our AI meeting assistant, Mia, will record, transcribe, and analyze every word from all the meetings you couldn’t attend. Allowing you to quickly catch up on the moments you missed or revisit highlights from a previous call.

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Share Powerful Moments Through the Click of a Button.

Cross-functional collaboration demands access to relevant information – which is why Meeting Insights gives all employees instant access to public meeting content. Not just a link to the entire meeting, but including minutes to be shared as snippets to any team members through the Meeting Insights app.

  • Save time by sharing bite-size snippets to co-workers who benefit most.
  • Remain an optional meeting attendee but get important meeting details sent to your inbox.
  • Make meeting recordings public to your organization or customize privacy controls for access to specific individuals.

How it works


Mia (Meeting Insights Assistant) automatically joins and records your organization's internal or external meetings.


The recording is saved in your Meeting Insights company repository.


Generative AI quickly analyzes the meeting transcription for all the key details.


The AI meeting summarization, questions, relevant topics, and binge-worthy highlights are ready to be accessed and shared.

Built for every manager and decision maker across your organization



Guide your business strategy with digestible insights gathered during your staff's meetings with customers and partners.



Coach new reps with successful moments of objections handling, price negotiations, and product positioning from experienced sellers.



Relay customer needs with clarity to engineers from customer conversations.



Coach new customer success employees and gather customers' feedback and satisfaction in the most accurate way.



Gather use cases shared during customer success calls to influence the product messaging.



Share your interview highlights for faster recruitment cycle.

Data Security


Compliance Standards: CPRA, CCPA, GDPR


Azure Open AI Data Privacy


Microsoft Azure SSO


256-bit AES at rest & 256-bit SSL/TLS in Motion Encryption


ISO 27001 & 27032 Certified


Developed According to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Guidance

Data Retention Policy

Automatic Saving/Deletion of Data Based on Customer Requirements

Application User Activity

Security Monitoring with Event Logs

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Choose your plan:


For enterprises looking to start with Meeting Insights

$6 per user/per month

(billed monthly)


  • Automatic MS Teams recording
  • One central repository: record, save, analyze, share all meeting content
  • AI-generated meeting summary, action items, Q&A, issue detection
  • 7,500 minutes of AI analysis per month, for every 50 users
  • 6 months of meeting retention
Meeting Insights Essential requires minimum order of $300/month with and 12-month commitment.
Additional 15,000 minutes of AI is $250/month.


For enterprises looking for detailed insights on their meetings

$10 per user/per month

(billed monthly)

Essential features +

  • Advance AI capabilities: summary by topic and speaker, prepare me to the next meeting
  • Organizational meeting analytics dashboard
  • 15,000 minutes of AI analysis per month, for every 50 users
  • 12 months of meeting retention
Meeting Insights Pro requires minimum order of $500/month with and 12-month commitment.
Additional 15,000 minutes of AI is $500/month.


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