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居家远程 OVOC 操作

在单一、直观的基于 web 的应用程序中提供集中式管理和监控


任何负责使员工能够在家工作的 IT 团队都需要确保远程工作者拥有顺畅的通信体验,并且能够监控语音质量及成功解决通信问题,而无需实际接触员工的设备。

奥科一体化语音操作中心(OVOC)语音网络管理系统是成功引入居家办公团队的关键因素。OVOC 在一个单一、直观的基于 web 的应用程序中提供了语音网络设备的集中式管理和端到端的质量体验监控。它还为 IT 团队提供了全面的故障排除工具和根本原因分析功能,从而确保为远程工作者提供高效和稳定的通信。


  • Streamline network management and quality monitoring in a single application
  • Improve system availability with accurate troubleshooting and end to end root cause analysis
  • Global voice quality monitoring and troubleshooting for on-premises and work-at-home agents
  • Enhanced monitoring for all inbound and outbound calls in UC-as- a-Service (UCaaS) environments such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Increase efficiency with centralized configuration and provisioning of remote workers’ devices
  • Intelligent insights on network trends and performance to assist in capacity planning and design


  • Highly scalable to support thousands of on-prem or remote devices
  • Multi-tenancy support for hosted and managed environments
  • Auto-provisioning and configuration for the entire AudioCodes portfolio
  • Real-time call quality monitoring and root cause analysis using standard protocols
  • Centralized reporting and knowledge distribution