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Enreach Customers Can Now Enjoy Microsoft Teams Voice via Operator Connect


Enreach is a European converged contact solutions provider that offers contact technology and integrated telecom services through resellers, service provider partners and direct channels. The providers’ portfolio of solutions includes omnichannel cloud contact center solutions (CCaaS), video, chat and productivity solutions, including their proprietary cloud telephony solution Enreach Contact, for businesses looking to scale with modern communications.

Enreach, a leading unified communications (UC) provider, onboarded Microsoft’s Operator Connect to provide its customers with an immediate connection to Microsoft Teams, straight from their Teams admin center. Enreach found that by partnering with AudioCodes and adopting AudioCodes Live Cloud, they can easily deliver both Direct Routing and Operator Connect using a solution that instantly onboards customers to Teams voice.

Enreach operates in over 25 countries and has over 1,200 employees working in 27 different European offices.

Enreach’s converged contact portfolio offers customers a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Communications, productivity and network solutions blending into converged contact solutions seamlessly connecting different channels, whether voice, video and/or chat, across networks and devices, including mobile, and integrating contact center functionality, AI and more.
  • Smart solutions enriching workflows and making physical distance or digital barriers disappear, freeing people to focus on meaningful conversations with colleagues and customers.
  • Consistent user experiences, whether people are in the same room or working remotely.
  • Optimized work-life flows. Users manage and merge identities across locations, devices, networks and applications, allowing people to manage their contactability and take control over if, how and when they can be reached.
  • A digital workplace that enables people to focus on their tasks thanks to effortless, intuitive and invisible technologies.
  • Integration with other solutions and third-party apps facilitating better collaboration and providing a tailored workflow.

For more information, visit the Enreach website.



Following the trends, innovations and requirements in the Microsoft Teams market, Enreach decided to look for the best available options for developing and integrating its own infrastructure for Operator Connect and becoming a Microsoft-certified Operator Connect partner.

Enreach was looking for a quick and efficient solution that would speed up their onboarding to Microsoft Teams Operator Connect while freeing up internal resources for other activities.

  • Offering customers Direct Routing and Operator Connect

  • Smooth migration to Microsoft Teams

"We believe that the Enreach Voice solutions are a perfect fit with the Microsoft Productivity portfolio, boosting our customers Microsoft Teams experience with the help of AudioCodes Live Cloud."

Martin Classen, Chief Product Officer of Enreach


Enreach identified AudioCodes Live Cloud, a Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Accelerator solution, to be the best way to solve its challenges due to its ability to unify the verification and onboarding processes for Microsoft Operator Connect, all while meeting and exceeding Microsoft’s Operational Excellence and SLA metrics.

AudioCodes Live Cloud is based on AudioCodes’ Mediant Cloud Edition SBC on Azure and includes a unique private peering via ExpressRoute, which exchanges traffic directly with Microsoft’s networks for enhanced reliability and 24x7 monitoring services.

Azure ExpressRoute was used instead of MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Services) to dramatically reduce delivery time, allowing for the easy integration and adoption of Operator Connect.

Enreach created an advanced internal flow to qualify their customer leads using webhook notifications, allowing the use of Microsoft Power Automate and future CRM integrations.

The Live Cloud solution provides quick time-to-market and operation management with customer leads management coming directly from the customers’ Teams Admin Portal.

  • Mediant CE SBC

    Skalierbare, cloud-native SBC Lösung zum privaten und öffentlichen Cloud Einsatz bei Unternehmen und Service Providern



Together, with the reduced cost of creating a dedicated infrastructure, involving Microsoft PowerShell experts and/or other technical specialists needed to get the Operator Connect running, AudioCodes Live Cloud allowed Enreach to focus their resources on offering a reliable and efficient solution for their customers.

Enreach can now further grow its Microsoft Teams footprint in Europe combined with its full suite of UC, contact center and mobile solutions. With a pay-per-user per-month service model, AudioCodes accelerated the onboarding process, provided tools to simplify customer management and helped Enreach to cut down on time-to-market by using AudioCodes’ existing Operator Connect Accelerator solution.


Enreach successfully deployed AudioCodes Live Cloud and delivered voice connectivity via Microsoft Teams Operator Connect, on top of its Direct Routing service. This solution proved to be well integrated, allowing Enreach to create a compelling offering in a short amount of time.

AudioCodes Live Cloud enabled Enreach to generate an additional revenue stream from its existing Microsoft Teams customer base whilst generating new business, making it a welcome extension of the European market position of Enreach.

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