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Voice Infrastructure for Genesys Cloud Contact Center, Future-Proofing Emergency Response Capabilities


Faced with the challenge of transitioning from on-premises Genesys to Genesys Cloud, Falck made the strategic choice to outsource voice infrastructure management using AudioCodes’ Voice as a Service (VaaS) solutions. The integration of AudioCodes Live Services for Voice Migration to the Cloud and AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) not only enhanced Falck’s global voice infrastructure, but also achieved paramount objectives of ensuring compliance, flexibility and scalability, freeing up internal IT resources and streamlining operational costs. This successful partnership not only met Falck’s current needs, but also set the stage for expansive growth into multiple countries and regions, marking a pivotal success in their evolution towards a dynamic and resilient voice infrastructure.

Falck’s decision to migrate its on-premises Genesys contact center to the cloud was not merely a technical shift, but a strategic move aligning with the latest advancements in modern cloud-based solutions. Recognizing the complexity of this migration and the ongoing need for efficient voice infrastructure management, Falck sought a trusted partner with expertise and cutting-edge technology. AudioCodes, a natural choice grounded in a longstanding partnership, was chosen not just for its solutions but for their reliability, innovation and expert support consistently delivered over an extended collaboration.

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The objectives of Falck outsourcing voice infrastructure management encompassed a multifaceted approach.

It included:

  • Optimizing resource utilization: addressing the challenge of limited resources within Falck IT, the primary objective was to optimize resource utilization and streamline operational costs by partnering with an expert vendor capable of efficiently managing voice infrastructure, thereby selecting a buy vs. build approach.
  • Enhancing visibility and control: improving central visibility and control was a key goal. Falck’s aim was to streamline management processes and ensure a cohesive overview of the entire system, with joint troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Single point of contact (SPOC): establishing a SPOC was a crucial objective, simplifying communication channels and ensuring a seamless interaction between Falck and their chosen vendor.
  • Enabling global reach for future expansion: anticipating future expansion, the objective was to choose a solution with global reach, aligning with Falck’s growth strategy and enabling seamless operations across multiple countries and regions.
  • Ensuring data compliance: an essential objective was to guarantee data compliance, emphasizing the importance of selecting a partner capable of adhering to all necessary regulations and ensuring the secure handling and accessibility of data throughout the coexistence stage in the migration process and during day-to-day operations.
  • Establishing business continuity for uninterrupted operation of their mission critical emergency services: this goal involved implementing a resiliency mechanism to ensure continuous service and communication capabilities, even throughout CCaaS outages.

  • Transition from on-premises contact center to cloud-based infrastructure

  • Ensure seamless business continuity throughout and after the transition

  • Outsource the management of voice infrastructure for efficiency and reassurance

  • Establish a future-proof, scalable and globally expandable voice infrastructure

“AudioCodes revolutionized our contact center communications, aligning them with contemporary standards and fulfilling our stringent business continuity demands.”

Henrik Fjordvald, Product Owner at Falck Contact Center Solutions

Cloud Voice Migration Services from AudioCodes

AudioCodes’ Live Services for Voice Migration to CCaaS, and AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) contributed comprehensively to Falck’s global mission, providing the technological backbone for accident prevention, emergency response and supporting rehabilitation efforts, all while upholding the critical aspect of data compliance. These solutions seamlessly connect Falck’s Genesys environment to their SIP infrastructure.

AudioCodes managed voice services are delivered by AudioCodes’ experts, simplifying the integration and performance of voice solutions in a contact center environment. It offers hosting flexibility in the public cloud, enterprise data centers or the AudioCodes cloud, providing resiliency against data center outages across multiple geographical locations.

This comprehensive and highly available solution includes monitoring, proactive support, change and configuration management, service reporting and the possibility to increase in and outbound call capacity in peak periods.

AudioCodes VaaS delivers voice operational reassurance to enterprises, alleviating technical challenges, minimizing implementation time, offering flexible scalability and 24/7 monitoring and support. The outcome is enhanced customer experience (CX), productivity for agents, management reassurance, high availability and substantial cost reductions.

The deployment of AudioCodes Live Services for Voice Migration to CCaaS included on-premises resilient hardware session border controllers (SBCs) at Falck, ensuring a smooth migration and seamless connectivity between the Genesys on-premises and cloud platforms and SIP trunk networks, along with flexible call routing and robust security measures.

AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC), a comprehensive voice network management solution emerged as an invaluable cornerstone asset for Falck. Its centralized monitoring, proactive alerting and advanced troubleshooting capabilities allowed Falck to not only ensure real-time insights into voice network elements but also to actively maintain a superior Quality of Experience (QoE) for calls. Integrating seamlessly with Falck’s voice infrastructure, OVOC became an essential tool, quickly identifying root cause analysis and consistently reducing downtime and elevating the overall user experience.

As an emergency response services provider, the availability and control of call routing was essential for Falck. From the start it was clear that a solution was needed to be able to quickly re-route calls. Falck achieved this by deploying the AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) as an overlay on the infrastructure to centralize routing. AudioCodes also needed to provide business SLA’s and joint trouble-shooting optionality to support Falck in their mission critical emergency and healthcare requirements to their end customers.


The project yielded highly successful and transformative results for Falck. The seamless migration to the Genesys cloud significantly improved the cloud transformation process. Outsourcing voice infrastructure management to AudioCodes freed up internal IT resources, enabling them to focus on core healthcare and emergency response functions.

The solution, primed for global expansion, seamlessly supports other unified communications and CX platforms which is important for several reasons including interoperability, scalability and enhanced functionality. Compliance with data regulations safeguarded sensitive information, meeting industry-specific requirements.

The implementation of AudioCodes’ solutions proved instrumental in empowering Falck’s team to prevent accidents and respond promptly to emergencies by connecting their Genesys environment to the SIP infrastructure.

AudioCodes Live Services for Voice Migration to CCaaS and AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) not only addressed Falck’s immediate challenges, but also positioned them for future success, providing a scalable, resilient and globally adaptable voice infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with various platforms. These solutions ultimately enhanced operational efficiency, CX and paved the way for continued innovation in their communication strategies.

OVOC’s reporting and analytics functionalities became instrumental for Falck in day-to-day operations, providing a systematic approach to check for issues when customers reported them and ensuring overall system health.

“AudioCodes revolutionized our contact center communications, aligning them with contemporary standards and fulfilling our stringent business continuity demands,” said Henrik Fjordvald, Product Owner at Falck Contact Center Solutions. “With a secure and adaptable voice infrastructure, AudioCodes has played a pivotal role in elevating our employee experience and customer experience to unparalleled heights. Their solution not only meets our immediate needs but also unlocks new possibilities for future innovations.”

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