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Inbound Digital Click-to-Call

Discover the future of contact center communication with omnichannel escalation from anywhere in the world that delivers exceptional CX and savings

The Digital Disruptor with Superior Digital CX, Global Reach and Unbeatable Savings

Step into the future of contact center communications with AudioCodes Inbound Digital Click-to-Call! Bid farewell to the constraints of telephony service networks and welcome a new era of global connectivity, unmatched customer experience and extensive telecom savings. 

AudioCodes Inbound Digital Click-to-Call connects customers to an agent by voice or video call over the Internet. The call is initiated when the customer clicks a button on a company’s mobile application, website or kiosk. The button is pre-coded to route the call to a suitably skilled contact center agent based on caller ID or the context within the app or website from where the call was initiated.

Having a click-to-call button on your digital channels contributes to an elevated omnichannel experience, enabling customers to get real-time answers through personalized conversations at critical points in the digital journey. This efficiency lends to increased customer conversions and a superior customer experience that wins customer loyalty. What’s more, the customer can call from anywhere in the world without any limitations of telephony area restrictions.

Simplify Global Connectivity

Eliminate the headache of traditional telephony setups, securing and maintaining an extensive network of local and toll-free numbers across the globe. Click-to-Call allows seamless digital connections worldwide. No need for an elaborate network— a straightforward Wi-Fi connection allows digital calls from anywhere in the world – all your customers require is a simple Wi-Fi connection.

Enable a Smooth Transition from Digital to Human Touchpoints

Smoothly transition customers from digital self-service to personalized human touchpoints. Eliminate the frustration of high-effort digital journeys with Click-to-Call. A simple click connects customers to agents, transforming their experience effortlessly.

Ensuring Outstanding Voice Quality

AudioCodes’ One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) diligently monitors the contact center voice network, guaranteeing excellent Click-to-Call voice quality for both agents and calling customers. Elevate your user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) with AudioCodes' commitment to outstanding voice quality.


Next-Gen CCaaS CX: AudioCodes Inbound Digital Click-to-Call

Real-time, limitless, customer service connectivity from anywhere in the world.

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Built-In Safety with Secure WebRTC and ICE Technology

Ensure the confidentiality of your calls, secure video sessions, and protected co-browsing through the robust and reliable WebRTC and ICE technology integrated into AudioCodes' Click-to-Call. Our technology provides an inherently safe environment, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your communications.

Reduce Average Handling Time with Authenticated Calls

Experience a significant reduction in average handling time as the Click-to-Call button, situated in your digital channels after customer login and authentication, ensures that callers reach agents already identified and secured. Save valuable minutes for your agents, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency, allowing agents to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Personalized CX for Customer Satisfaction

Elevate customer satisfaction with personalized experiences as Click-to-Call not only identifies callers but also transmits contextual data to agents along with the call. Empower your agents with valuable insights, enabling them to provide more personalized and efficient assistance, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Escalation to an agent with a simple click of a button.

96% of consumers reported having high-effort experiences were more disloyal as compared to 9% of customers with a low-effort experience.

Gartner Research

Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Tackle the pervasive issue of shopping cart abandonment by providing a lifeline for high-intent online customers. With a staggering average abandonment rate of 70.19% (Baymard Institute, 2023), common difficulties like complex check-out processes can lead to lost sales. Click-to-Call offers a simple solution – customers can effortlessly connect with agents for real-time assistance, minimizing cart abandonment and maximizing conversions.

Boost Conversions with Omnichannel Scan-to-Call

Elevate your promotional campaigns by leveraging Omnichannel Scan-to-Call. Enhance customer engagement and increase conversions by incorporating QR codes on billboards, member cards, digital and promotional ads. When scanned, these QR codes enable customers to connect directly with the appropriate agents through Click-to-Call, creating a seamless and efficient customer journey.

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and Revenue per Client

Strategically place Digital-Click-to-Call buttons in your customer journey for agent cross-selling and upselling opportunities. This built-in feature enhances your sales strategy and boosts overall revenue.

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Join forward-thinking enterprises already utilizing AudioCodes Digital Inbound Click-to-Call. Enjoy omnichannel escalation from anywhere in the world, delivering exceptional CX and huge telco savings. Our click-to-call button enhances the omnichannel experience, enabling real-time answers through personalized conversations, boosting conversions, and fostering customer loyalty.

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