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JFK Health

Recording technology improves patient care


JFK Medical Center ( consists of a 399 bed teaching hospital with a reputation for excellence in health care and the adjacent 94 bed JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. Special services at the medical center include the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, a diagnostic treatment, teaching and research center offering advance treatment for complex neurological disorders. The JFK Imaging Center houses traditional and open air MRI capabilities, advanced bone density diagnostic facilities, and the Breast Center offering comprehensive mammography services. Other services include the JFK Cancer Center (including state-of-the-art radiation treatment), JFK Neuroscience Institute, the Diabetes Center, the Health and Fitness Center and the Family Practice Center.

Most call recording applications have been developed to monitor agent behavior in a setting that measures business transactions. Hospital managers do not measure value of their staff in terms of dollars, but rather in improvements to quality care and support. In fact, they do not usually record call agent conversations unless required by law. Many hospitals do not purchase call recording applications as these applications are designed with expensive features that are meaningless within a hospital setting. As a result, many hospital call center managers are left to resolve customer disputes or manage their staff with limited or no insight to the real customer experience.

Highlights & Challenges

  • High quality recording

    High quality call recording and playback

  • Improvements in care

    Improve productivity, customer care and dispute resolution

  • Value for money

    Keep costs down but still meet all recording needs

  • Compliance

    Compliance with call recording requirements

"SmartTAP makes it easier to search and locate call recordings and offers better audio quality on playback."

Dan Sullivan, Telecoms Infrastructure Manager at JFK Health


AudioCodes has introduced a simple, effective call recording solution to the market that allows the medical community to take advantage of basic call recording resources, without having to purchase a feature-rich system designed for business services. Ron Romanchik VP of Call Recording Products believes AudioCodes’ solution delivers on its commitment to simplify call recording, "If you can use the Internet, you can use the SmartTAP application."

Within weeks of the install, Kris Iorio former manager of Customer Service Delivery for ISD, reported increased productivity due to the benefits of the SmartTAP application. Says Iorio, "I can now manage disputes with 100% confidence." JFK has also been able to improve their employee management process. Says Iorio, "In the past, measuring and evaluating employee phone skills and productivity was a very subjective process. Having access to recordings of live conversations allows me to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of each staff member – and target training opportunities catered to each individual. It [SmartTAP] allows me to turn negative situations into positive learning experiences."

Both Amy Fasullo, RN, BSN, and Manager of Information Systems Vendor and Project Management and Business Operations, and Ioria believe that having a call recorder also improves interdepartmental processes and communications. "It is important to understand the true intent of the call before one can understand how to improve the process." Fasullo continues by saying, "Having a call recorder improves our visibility into both sides of the conversation so that any communication issues between departments can be understood and resolved."

SmartTAP also makes it easy to share information between departments. Many legacy call recording systems require each individual user to install proprietary software onto their computers. AudioCodes’ SmartTAP technology, designed as a thin client service, just requires a browser. This means that any manager can login into the SmartTAP system from any computer on the hospital’s network. The AudioCodes logger also allows Supervisors to save files into a standard .wav format that can be emailed to anyone. Using the hospital network for file playback combined with the ability to share recordings across departments greatly improves SmartTAP’s ability to enhance value added service.

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JFK is so pleased with the SmartTAP recording system that plans have already been solidified to expand the call recording services to three other departments within their organization. SmartTAP’s open and distributed architecture allows for a controlled expansion of the existing system. "This is very advantageous for JFK," states Dan Sullivan, who manages the site’s telecommunications infrastructure.

"SmartTAP’s system enables us to rollout our expansion plan in phases giving JFK the full ability to control the costs throughout the expansion process," added Mr. Sullivan.
The final phase of expansion includes the eventual replacement of all existing recording apparatus. Says Sullivan, "SmartTAP makes it easier to search and locate call recordings and offers better audio quality on playback. Replacing state mandated recorders within our hospital with SmartTAP is the next logical step."

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