Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting Room Solutions

A superior meeting room experience for the digital workplace

  • Deliver continuous meeting productivity Deliver continuous meeting productivity
  • Exceptional voice quality Exceptional voice quality
  • Superior image clarity Superior image clarity
  • Easy to operate Easy to operate


Driven by customer feedback, AudioCodes meeting room solutions are designed to support every type of room in the rapidly evolving workplace. As meeting room requirements vary across industries and cultures, video-enabled collaboration has become increasingly popular to deliver continuous productivity in the enterprise. A superior meeting room experience delivers seamless unified communications connectivity, improved voice pickup, and expanded video image coverage to address both familiar and emerging enterprise collaboration use cases.

The AudioCodes meeting room offering includes a comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions that also supports centralized device management, quality monitoring, and applications enabling continuous productivity even after meetings end.


  • Enhanced voice pickup and video coverage in any room type
  • Deploy best-of-breed meeting room solution across multiple sites and regions worldwide
  • Integrate leading Unified Communications platforms for video-enabled and voice-only collaboration
  • Support device management, quality monitoring, and applications enabling continuous productivity

The Meeting Room Solution Mix

  • Focus Booth designed for 1-on-1 meetings
  • Huddle rooms for team meetings in tight spaces
  • 'Meeting Rooms Solutions for Large Spaces
  • Conference rooms and Executive board rooms for video-enabled collaboration supporting tens of participants
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