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VoiceAI Connect

Enhance customer experience and lower your costs with conversational voice bots

  • Connect any contact center or SIP trunk to any bot framework
  • Embrace a best-of-breed approach
  • Superior voice quality
  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs


In the last few years, dramatic leaps forward in machine learning and AI have driven enterprises and organizations to automate communication with their customers. While this AI-based approach is usually implemented with text-based chatbots, customer engagement and the overall user experience can be enhanced by adding voice interaction to the conversations and creating a voice-bot. To implement a voice-bot, the bot framework and speech services, such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text, need to be connected to the enterprises’ voice and telephony channels.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in voice communications, AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect enables the integration of any cognitive voice service and bot framework with any voice or telephony channel, thus facilitating full voice functionality and creating an intelligent voice journey.



  • Maximizes the user experience with minimum investment
  • Enables a best-of-breed approach to bot frameworks and speech services
  • Extends your bot usability to telephony and voice-based use cases
  • Reduces consumption and therefore the cost of speech services


  • Connects any contact center or SIP trunk to any bot framework
  • Native telephony and voice control from any bot framework via simple APIs
  • Superior voice quality drives fast and accurate bot response
  • Robust, secure and scalable solution architecture
  • Offered as a managed service or via the AudioCodes Live Hub self-service portal


AudioCodes at the 4th Annual World Chatbots Summit 2022

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect - Connecting Chat-Bots to Voice and Telephony

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect creates a communication hub between any bot framework, telephony system and cognitive speech service to support any voice-bot use case.

Now’s the time for voice-bot service automation. Are you ready?

Prof. Sally Eaves and Ilan Avner from AudioCodes discuss the topic of voice-bot service automation and how to implement it seamlessly.

VoiceAI Connect Cloud on Azure Marketplace

AudioCodes and Konverso partner to offer a new IT helpdesk voice bot

AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway is being used by Konverso to voice-enable its Kbot IT helpdesk automation solution and provide connectivity with telephony engagement channels.

AudioCodes and Konverso - Introducing Voicebots - The Future of the Service Desk Industry

AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway is being used by Konverso to voice-enable the service desk industry and rephrase the customer IT support.

Conversational Voicebot using AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway

AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway on Microsoft Build 2020

VoiceAI Connect Use Case: From Virtual Agent to Human Agent

VoiceAI Connect Cloud Use Case: Automating Your Contact Center With Voicebots

VoiceAI Connect - Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone uses VoiceAI Connect to enable its customers to talk to TOBi, its friendly digital assistant.

Nimrode Borovsky, VP Global Marketing Presents at Chatbot Summit - Voice Meets Bots

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