Meeting Insights

Meeting Insights

Turn Meetings Into Continuous Productivity

  • Mia – In-meeting Voice Assistant Mia – In-meeting Voice Assistant
  • Premium Transcription Service Premium Transcription Service
  • Built-in Speaker Identification Built-in Speaker Identification
  • Team Collaboration, Training, Sales and HR Use-cases Team Collaboration, Training, Sales and HR Use-cases


AudioCodes Meeting Insights is an enterprise solution designed specifically for the meeting-technology world. By leveraging AudioCodes vast voice expertise and state-of-the-art Voice.AI technology, Meeting Insights easily captures and organizes all meeting-generated content from team collaboration and training sessions to sales and recruitment calls.

Mia, Meeting Insights in-meeting voice assistant, captures information from multiple sources, both in-room and remote participants, and creates a meeting recap by logging all action items, notes, decisions made and a final meeting summary.

With next-generation Voice.AI features such as Speech-to-Text (STT) and Keyword Spotting (KWS) Meeting Insights will quickly become your ultimate intelligent, centralized company meeting platform.

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Why Meeting Insights?

  • Easily retain & share meeting content
  • Mia - In-meeting voice assistant to log in real-time all actions items, notes, decisions and meeting summaries
  • Make meeting content easily reachable and searchable using Voice.AI technology
  • Mark key moments with built-in tagging and automatic keyword detection
  • Save time by navigating to relevant sections in the meeting by voice tags or visually

Technical Highlights

  • Next-generation Voice.AI Speech-to-Text (STT) capabilities with custom vocabulary support
  • Built-in Speaker Identification with individual speaker tracking capabilities
  • Voice.AI keyword & content searchability
  • Built-in editing, sharing and user email notifications
  • Captures multiple sources including in-room & remote participants
  • Securely deployed and integrated with Microsoft Teams

Meeting Insights - How to Upload a 3rd Party Video

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