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Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

Secure WebRTC Gateway

Secure WebRTC Gateway
Enhancing user experience with real-time web communications
Secure WebRTC Gateway
  • Secure virtualized or appliance-based WebRTC gateway
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • High voice quality with Opus support
  • Client SDK for browser, iOS and Android


Web real-time communications (WebRTC) technology enables real-time voice, video, and chat communications capabilities to be embedded natively in web browsers without the need for plug-ins or other downloaded software components.

AudioCodes’ WebRTC solution comprises a feature-rich, highly secure WebRTC gateway that is fully integrated with AudioCodes market-leading session border controller (SBC), and a WebRTC client SDK. AudioCodes’ unique solution provides protection against all potential threats carried by internet-based WebRTC traffic. It also delivers reduction in IT hardware and software components, as well as management simplification and cost-effectiveness.

The AudioCodes WebRTC solution provides enterprise IT administrators and contact center operators with a highly secure, comprehensive, easy to deploy, web-based voice communications solution that results in improved customer experience, cost savings and enhanced customer service operations.


  • Simple and secure integration of WebRTC into enterprise and contact center operations
  • Savings in communications and infrastructure costs
  • Enhanced IT productivity and smoother customer service operations
  • Simple integration of WebRTC functionality into websites without prior coding knowledge


  • Fully integrated with AudioCodes SBCs for strong security and interoperability
  • Seamless connectivity between WebRTC clients and VoIP deployments
  • High quality voice with built-in Opus support
  • Support for real-time voice quality monitoring

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