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Success Stories

"We measure our success based on the success of our customers. Nothing else." - Shabtai Adlersberg, CEO and founder

  • USR Electronic Systems

    USR Electronic Systems Israel

    “With AudioCodes, we achieved exactly what we were after - work from anywhere, fully linked to Microsoft Teams with ease of usage and the best quality that can be found! I know I can trust AudioCodes whenever I need to expand our USR migration.”

  • Yource

    Yource Netherlands

    "With its ease of deployment and seamless integration with our Genesys contact center infrastructure, AudioCodes’ comprehensive WebRTC solution was a major factor in ensuring our agents could continue working successfully during the upheaval of the Covid-19 crisis."

  • Suffolk County Council

    Suffolk County Council United Kingdom

    "AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams wrapped everything we needed into a simple, subscription-based managed service that was not only rapidly and seamlessly deployed, but is also more cost-effective than our previous solution."

  • Puzzel

    Puzzel ノルウェー


  • Bosch Group

    Bosch Group ドイツ


  • Algar Telecom

    Algar Telecom ブラジル

    「ブラジル国内の法人顧客は、生産性とコラボレーションの強化を実現するためMicrosoft Teamsに注目しています。当社は、AudioCodesのLive Cloud for Microsoft Teamsを併用することで、これらの目標をシンプルかつ費用対効果の高い方法で達成できるようお手伝いします。」

  • Altron Systems Integration

    Altron Systems Integration 南アフリカ


  • Communi5

    Communi5 オーストリア

    「AudioCodesのMediant VE SBCは、セキュアでスケーラブルで柔軟な接続ソリューションという当社の要件を全て満たしていました。」

  • RIMERA Energy

    RIMERA Energy ロシア連邦