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Management and Monitoring

Ensure voice call quality and service continuity from any location

  • Centralized management and voice quality monitoring
  • Easy troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Scalable for any sized contact center
  • Works with all intelligent contact center capabilities


In the digital era, embedding smart conversational AI services into a contact center’s core software is no longer enough. To deliver a superior user experience, contact centers must ensure that the quality of the voice call and the service continuity are excellent.

The AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) is a voice network management and analyzing solution that combines management of voice network devices and quality of experience monitoring into a single, intuitive web-based application. OVOC enables administrators to adopt a holistic approach to network lifecycle management by simplifying everyday tasks and assisting in troubleshooting all the way from detection to correction.

By combining the capabilities of AudioCodes WebRTC and conversational AI services with OVOC, enterprises can harness the power of digital transformation to make their contact centers truly intelligent.


  • Streamline network management and quality monitoring into one single application
  • Improve system availability with accurate troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Increase efficiency with centralized configuration, provisioning and license management
  • Gain intelligent insights into network trends, voice quality and performance through self-service reports
  • Ability to integrate with best-of-breed analytic tools
  • Available for deployment on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Azure Marketplace


  • Highly scalable to support thousands of devices
  • Multi-tenancy support for hosted and managed environments
  • Auto-provisioning and configuration for the entire AudioCodes portfolio
  • Real-time call quality monitoring and root cause analysis
  • Centralized reporting and knowledge distribution

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