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Initiate web-based customer calls to your company’s contact center

  • Very popular with customers
  • Exceptionally cost-effective
  • Very simple implementation
  • Highly secured solution


Click-to-call is a form of web-based communication where a person clicks a button, image or text to initiate an immediate, real-time connection with another person or company. The technology takes the call over the IP network, regardless of whether it is a computer or smartphone, using the device’s built-in microphone and speaker. In a contact center, a WebRTC gateway is essential for enabling customers’ click-to-call functionality.

The AudioCodes WebRTC solution comprises a feature-rich, highly secure WebRTC gateway, fully integrated with AudioCodes market-leading SBCs, along with a dedicated WebRTC client SDK. This provides protection against all potential threats carried by internet-based WebRTC traffic. It also delivers reduction in IT hardware and software components, as well as management simplification, monitoring and analyzing tools, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Enables customers to connect from any place, at any time and in any channel of communication
  • Robust protection from DDoS attacks
  • Cost-effective and simple, with one box handling both signaling and media
  • Avoids vendor lock-in by using SIP over WebSocket
  • Optimized for the cloud to keep server costs down


  • The only WebRTC gateway with full SBC integration
  • Easy recording with the standard SIPREC protocol
  • Can be implemented as appliance, or as a virtual SBC on private and public clouds
  • Advanced SIP manipulations and media transcoding for true interoperability
  • Integrated with AudioCodes’ management and monitoring tools


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