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AudioCodes Routing Manager

Centralized call routing management

Easy-to-use interface

Highly scalable

Saves time and reduces costs

AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM)

Call routing for complex voice networks made easy - delivers a powerful, innovative solution by enabling centralized control of all session routing decisions.

  • Centralized dial plan and policy management Centralized dial plan and policy management
  • Intuitive graphical user interface Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Auto-discovery of network elements Auto-discovery of network elements
  • Supports third-party devices Supports third-party devices


Managing the dial plan and call routing rules of multi-site, multi-vendor enterprise VoIP networks can be extremely complicated. AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) delivers a powerful, innovative solution to this problem by enabling centralized control of all session routing decisions.

Through ARM’s highly intuitive graphical user interface, system administrators can design and modify their voice network topologies and call routing policies from a single location, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Time-consuming tasks such as adding a new PSTN or SIP trunk interconnection, adding a new branch office or modifying individual users’ calling privileges can be carried out simply and rapidly.


  • Save time by accelerating network topology design and modification
  • Reduce costs by simplifying voice network operations
  • Increase agility by enabling rapid reaction to changing network needs
  • Highly scalable to control any number of VoIP network elements
  • Increase flexibility by enforcing routing policies based on broad set of criteria


  • Multi-vendor support for heterogeneous environments
  • Centralized dial plan and policy management
  • Easy-to-understand graphical user interface
  • Auto-discovery functionality for identifying network elements quickly


Dynamic Creation of Logical Network Topology
  • Auto-registration and discovery of network elements
  • One-click logical network topology creation (star/mesh)
  • Customize network topology - drag and drop to modify connections
  • Integration with enterprise user directory (for example, LDAP)
On-The-Fly Routing Calculations
  • Simple creation of routing policies and rules
  • Centralized management of network routing rules
  • Routing rules based on a variety of criteria: Predefined weights on connections; user information from external databases (for example, LDAP); least cost routing; dynamic quality-based routing
Monitoring and Analytics
  • Logical network topology view at a glance
  • Real-time dashboard displays data obtained from all network elements, including: Statistical summary of topology elements, availability of routing resources, routing decision and call statistics
Robust Architecture
  • Designed with the needs of medium to large enterprises in mind
  • Runs as virtualized application on VMWare
  • Provided in full high availability configuration
  • Supports multi-vendor environments
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