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AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM)

AudioCodes Routing Manager
Call routing for complex voice networks made easy, delivering a powerful, innovative solution by enabling centralized control of all session routing decisions.
  • Simplify network topology design and modification
  • Increase agility to react rapidly to changing network needs
  • High scalability to control any number of VoIP network elements
  • Streamline call routing in Microsoft Teams environments


Managing network-wide rules and dial plans of multi-cloud, multi-vendor enterprise VoIP networks can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming activity. AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) delivers a powerful, innovative solution to this problem by enabling centralized
control of all call routing decisions.

Through ARM’s highly intuitive graphical user interface, system administrators can design and modify their voice network topologies and call routing policies from a single application, resulting in significant time and cost savings. ARM can be deployed to deliver optimized call routing in virtually any large distributed voice environment, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone and Genesys contact centers.

ARM is an essential component of AudioCodes’ Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) architecture. Functioning in the SDvN’s control layer, ARM provides routing intelligence, enabling on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure layer components to communicate seamlessly with one another


  • Save time by accelerating network topology design and modification
  • Reduce costs by simplifying voice network operations
  • Increase agility by enabling rapid reaction to changing network needs
  • Highly scalable to control any number of VoIP network elements
  • Increase flexibility by enforcing routing policies based on broad set of criteria


  • Logical network topology
  • On-the-fly routing calculations
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Robust, open architecture

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