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Customer Self Service Knowledge Base


AudioCodes Global Services is constantly working on improving the customer experience. Providing our customers/partners the ability to “Do it Yourself” is one of them. This Self Service page provides you access to “Quick Reference Guides”, “Video Tutorials” and “Management Utilities” created by our versatile team of Technical Support and Professional Services Engineers closely backed by hundreds of AudioCodes’ development engineers.

Please feel free to provide us feedback on additional topics that you would like to see by sending an email to  


    At AudioCodes, we understand the need of our customers and partner community who would like to have a document that describes specific topics and how to quickly implement it on the AudioCodes product. The Quick Reference Guides does just that. Below is the list of available Quick Reference Guides.

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    AudioCodes Services team believes that some topics are better explained visually that by writing detailed configuration documents. Here you can find a compilation of Video tutorials of the most commonly asked questions to our support community. We hope you find these tutorials useful.

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    The AudioCodes Services team firmly believes that detailed technical documents can make all the difference when dealing with complex topics. Here you can find a selection of technical documents addressing the most commonly asked questions received by our support community. We hope you find these documents useful.

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    To ensure that your AudioCodes products are completely up-to-date, visit this page to download the latest firmware versions.

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