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Large Meeting Room Solutions

Get the best from your people with effortless team meetings and group collaboration

Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams

Large meeting rooms in the hybrid workplace require video collaboration solutions that are compatible with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Audio quality and ease of use are two essential factors to evaluate.

A suitable solution should have a speakerphone that delivers clear sound across a large space and a microphone array that captures voices from various locations and distances in the room, as well as a smart camera that automatically focuses on the active speaker. It should also have a user-friendly interface that enables you to start, join and manage the meeting with a single touch.

With these features, you can optimize your large meeting room for hybrid meetings and enhance communication and collaboration among participants.

Complete audio and video collaboration solutions for true hybrid workplace productivity

Immersive Sound Gives Everyone a Voice

Large meeting rooms are typically designed for up to 20 participants, and are usually arranged in a more “traditional” way with a long, rectangular table in the center. Optimal audio coverage can be achieved by placing two small footprint satellite microphones on the table itself and installing a large speaker at the edge of the room, often near the TV. This configuration ensures excellent voice pickup range and also keeps the table free of any unnecessary cables.

Seeing Really Is Believing

Video conferencing is a key ingredient of inclusive meetings. To make sure that everyone can see and be seen, a camera with a wide-angle zoom lens is essential. Large meeting rooms also need support for dual screens and, in many cases, the addition of a content camera for easy whiteboard sharing. When combined with a powerful meeting room hub device, these different elements deliver a seamless hybrid work experience for on-site and remote participants alike.

Keeping Everything Under Control

The ultimate goal of any meeting room solution is to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience that effortlessly streamlines collaboration and communication. Touch-enabled controls enable participants to easily join, initiate or schedule meetings, access shared content and manage audio and video settings with a simple tap. Our touch controllers and compute units do all this and much more, and offer wireless connectivity to reduce installation cost and eliminate cable clutter.

Future-Proofed Solutions for Today and Beyond

Our solutions are specially designed to allow you to add different capabilities to your meeting room as your needs evolve. Here’s just one example. Do you want to cover your meeting room from different angles? Our innovative AI-powered dual camera support can make it happen.

Room Characteristics

Room size: 15sqm / 160 ft2 | Participant capacity max: 20 | Voice pickup radius: 6m / 20 ft

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