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Analog Device Integration

Seamless integration of analog devices into IP infrastructure

  • Protect investment in analog infrastructure
  • Integrate essential analog devices with all-IP
  • Enable fax transmissions in UC environments
  • Meet regulatory compliance


Even in the world of all-IP networks, many enterprises cannot do without the business-critical functionality offered by analog devices.

For financial institutions, banks, government offices and law firms, fax transmissions are still an essential part of daily business. Similarly, many organizations in the manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare sectors (among others) need to hold on to their analog phones, security systems and intercoms for regulatory compliance purposes or simply because to update the technology does not make financial sense.

AudioCodes offers a range of scalable analog media gateways that enable the seamless integration of analog devices into IP infrastructure. From low-density ATAs up to the 288-port MediaPack 1288 platform, AudioCodes’ analog gateways ensure that companies can achieve a successful migration to all-IP while protecting their investment in analog devices and infrastructure.


  • Protect investment made in analog devices and wiring infrastructure
  • Integrate virtually any analog device or system
  • Enable fax transmissions in unified communications environments
  • Ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met in all-IP environments


  • Wide offering of ATAs and analog gateways - from 2 to 288 FXS ports
  • Comprehensive interoperability with leading UC solutions
  • Reliable real-time fax transmission
  • Support for long-haul analog connections

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