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Enterprise Call Screening Solution

Holistic call authentication and fraud detection for enterprises and contact centers

  • Protect sensitive information
  • Screening robo-calls or rejecting them completely
  • Dynamic and flexible call routing workflows
  • Seamless integration with SecureLogix


The AudioCodes call screening solution enhances the Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) with holistic call authentication and fraud detection capabilities for enterprises and contact centers. Interoperable with a variety of legacy and next generation infrastructure technologies, the call solution screens out malicious and irrelevant traffic to minimize unwanted calls, significantly reducing security risks associated with voice. The solution is delivered, managed, and supported by expert call security teams working tirelessly to ensure you and your business stay safe.

Currently call screening is available in North America only.


  • Detect and prevent identify theft and social engineering fraud attributed to voice
  • Protect sensitive information such as personal information and commercial intellectual property
  • Increase productivity by eliminating low or zero-value calls consuming the resources of call centers and other networks
  • Maximize infrastructure availability by screening robo-calls or rejecting them completely
  • Cost-effective selective call screening solution enabling targeting of flagged call segments for security screening

Key Features

  • Selective Inbound calls screening
  • Centralized call screening solution configured and optimized to work with your entire SBCs/MGW/IP-BPXs voice network stack
  • Dynamic and flexible call routing workflows defined by threat scoring
  • Seamless integration with SecureLogix Orchestra One security cloud service

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