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PSTN to All-IP Migration

Quick, reliable and cost-effective PSTN to all-IP migration

  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective all-IP migration
  • Ideal for businesses of any size
  • Any PRI, ISDN or analog configuration
  • Product portfolio supports any network topology


AudioCodes’ PSTN migration solutions are targeted at fixed-line service providers who are transforming their TDM fixed-line networks to all-IP. The solutions consist of a set of scalable CPE devices, central office gateways, and management and monitoring application suites. These elements fit together seamlessly to give fixed-line providers a quick, reliable and cost-effective path from TDM to all-IP services.

Any Deployment Scenario – Any Customer Size – Any Configuration – Any Application

AudioCodes helps fixed-line service providers benefit from a wide range of PSTN migration solutions that cover:

  • Any on-premises CPE, street cabinet or central office (CO) 
  • Any business customer size from SOHO up to large enterprises
  • Any PRI, ISDN or analog configuration
  • VoIP gateway, session border controller (SBC), routing and NFV applications


  • Highly scalable - from SOHO up to large enterprises
  • Flexible product suite including on-premises CPE devices and central office gateways
  • Minimum business disruption during the migration process
  • Reduce equipment and logistics costs by using a single provider
  • Reduce installation and engineering costs with rapid, remote deployment


  • Enhanced QoS and QoE assurance
  • Modular devices with integrated support for VoIP, routing, SBC and NFV
  • Remote installation of gateway, SBC and routing applications
  • Hybrid CPE enables coexistence between legacy on-premises PBXs and hosted solution

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