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Advance State and Local Government Communications with Voice and Conversational AI

Your trusted partner for unified communications and contact center migration

In today's challenging State and Local Government environment, where communication needs are continually evolving, public institutions must provide citizens, employees and officials with frictionless, secure interactions. Whether it’s your Unified Communications (UC) or Contact Center, on-premises, in the cloud, or anything in between, our commitment is to help your organization succeed in delivering the best communications experience to your staff and your community.

We understand the importance of secure, reliable, and cost-effective communication solutions for government. Whether your IT and communications strategy is built on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Genesys or indeed any other provider, our multi-vendor integration expertise will provide seamless migration to the very latest in voice, contact center and conversational AI solutions, helping you excel in delivering services and support to your state and local community.

Understanding your Specific Needs in State and Local Government



Citizens rely heavily on their state and local government for services and support. Efficient and reliable communications are a must, especially in times of crisis, and have to be maintained as State and Local Government organizations migrate from legacy telephony to unified communications.

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

Safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, and securely recording citizen interaction is essential to protect both the community and the State and Local Government organization at all times.

Operational Cost Savings

Operational Cost Savings

With budgets constantly under scrutiny, IT leaders in State and Local Government are always striving to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency, vital for long-term financial sustainability and efficient delivery of local services.

Remote Work and Service Facilitation

Remote Work and Service Facilitation

State and Local Government departments need robust voice and video solutions to enable seamless, secure remote services and collaboration, essential for service delivery agility and the hybrid workplace demanded by employees.

Resource/Skills Challenge

Resource/Skills Challenge

IT teams in State and Local Government are resource challenged and cannot always cover everything that government leaders demand, meaning that outsourcing to experts in specialist technologies such as voice communications becomes essential.



Leveraging existing technology is a constant challenge for State and Local Government. To meet constantly evolving needs they need to expertly integrate existing systems with new technology such as AI and UC to improve the employee and citizen experience.


In State and Local Government, voice migration is a critical component of efficient communication, collaboration, and security. It plays a pivotal role in service delivery, citizen engagement, operational efficiency, and emergency communication during crises. Deploying advanced voice migration solutions is essential for thriving in the digital era, especially in the State and Local sector.

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Enhancing Collaboration in State and Local Government

State and Local Government institutions often grapple with the task of sustaining secure, efficient, and collaborative communication channels for citizens, employees, and officials. At AudioCodes, we recognize that these institutions require cost-effective, secure, and scalable communication solutions with a profound focus on voice infrastructure, especially at the State and Local level.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions, developed through our experience in the public sector, is meticulously crafted to address these pain points, ensuring operational efficiency, productive interactions with citizens and employees, and seamless adoption of emerging technologies such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Conversational AI.

AudioCodes provides the tools and expertise to seamlessly migrate to these new technologies to transform State and Local Government institutions into well-connected, innovative centers of public service.

Explore the top 4 things to think about during your voice journey in the public sector below.

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State and Local Government Contact Centers – Above and Beyond

Establishing and maintaining a contact center for State and Local Government comes with its unique set of challenges. From complex implementations to resource allocation, State and Local Government institutions often find themselves facing hurdles at every turn.

AudioCodes understands the pain points and stands as your partner, ready to deliver reliable and efficient communication solutions, ensuring that your State and Local Government contact center functions smoothly, even during emergencies.

AudioCodes helps improve the employee and citizen experience through the power of voice and conversational AI, transforming your communications infrastructure and contact center into a strategic asset that helps ensure uninterrupted communication during both routine operations and critical moments of crisis.

Today the citizen is asking for me than legacy systems can offer. While it may seem daunting: it is possible to make positive changes.

Explore Breckland Council’s successful adoption within the realm of State and Local Government.

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AI-Powered Voice Solutions for Public Service Excellence

Voice, powered by conversational AI, can revolutionize State and Local Government communications, improving the experience for citizens and employees alike. At AudioCodes, we harness the potential of AI to deliver voice solutions meticulously tailored to the unique needs of State and Local Government.

Tailored to Your Institution and State and Local Compliance

Our voice solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of State and Local Government, adapting to the evolving public service landscape, all while strictly adhering to State and Local compliance requirements.

AI-Powered Voice Automation

Our innovative voice AI capabilities make it easy for citizens to contact specific State and Local Government departments using natural language voice commands to get their issue resolved faster.
AI-automated call flows free up staff from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

AI-Powered Contact Center

Our cutting-edge, AI-powered contact center solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams so every employee is able to improve the service level for local citizens. Ensuring that your institution remains at the forefront of public service innovation.

AI-Powered Compliance Recording

Our AI-powered interaction recording solutions prioritize secure, reliable recording of citizen interaction across voice, video and chat protecting sensitive personal and government data, and adhering to State and Local compliance standards.

Expert Insights: Revolutionizing State and Local Government Communications

Explore our comprehensive resources to gain deeper insights into how AudioCodes' voice, contact center and conversational AI solutions can revolutionize healthcare communications, enhancing staff collaboration, knowledge and patient care.

Breckland Council

AudioCodes was a great advisor and partner for Breckland Council’s contact service automation project. The inherent scalability of the solution will allow us to introduce additional services as needed in the future.

Adele Newsome, Customer Service Manager


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