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Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

Mediant CE SBC

Up to 50,000 concurrent sessions

Integration with DevOps and automation tools

Integrated media handling and transcoding

Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) SBC

Scalable, cloud-native SBC solution for private and public cloud deployments.

  • Full cloud elasticity
  • Cloud-native microservices based design
  • Qualified for leading UC providers
  • Comprehensive SIP interoperability


The AudioCodes Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) software session border controller (SBC) leverages the advantages of cloud agility to allow enterprises and service providers to fully realize the potential of virtual environments by offering full cloud elasticity that rapidly adjusts to changing needs. The Mediant CE automatically provides extra capacity when required and scales back when demand drops. Its microservices architecture, combined with a scalable media cluster, enables new revenue-generating communications services to be introduced simply and cost-effectively.

Built on the same code base as the other members of AudioCodes Mediant SBC family, Mediant CE supports broad SIP interoperability, powerful media handling capabilities (including transcoding) and robust security mechanisms, while adding ease of automation, scale, and optimized cloud resource consumption.


  • Elastic architecture for building highly scalable and cost-effective SBCs in virtualized cloud environments
  • Dedicated functional blocks provide full elasticity in response to constantly changing traffic needs
  • Easy to manage with straightforward commands and a simple REST API
  • Offers comprehensive interoperability, security, enhanced voice quality and reporting functionalities


  • Cloud native full-function SBC platform
  • Automatic and rapid scalability of SBC resources
  • Deployment through native Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools such as CloudFormation
  • Seamless integration with advanced automation and DevOps tools
  • High-availability active/standby configuration


Max. Signaling Sessions 40,000
Max. Media Sessions 40,000
Max. SRTP-RTP Sessions 40,000
Max. Transcoding 30,000
Max. Registered Users 130,000
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