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Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

Mediant 9000 SBC

Mediant 9000 SBC
A family of high-capacity SBCs for service provider and large enterprise deployments.
  • For service providers and large enterprises
  • Comprehensive SIP interoperability
  • Active/Standby high availability
  • Scalable to 70,000 SBC sessions


AudioCodes’ highly scalable Mediant 9000 session border controllers (SBCs) are designed for deployment in large enterprise and contact center locations, and as access and peering SBCs for service provider environments.

The available models are:

  • Mediant 9030 supporting up to 30,000 sessions
  • Mediant 9080 supporting up to 70,000 sessions

The Mediant 9000 SBCs support extensive SIP connectivity with wide-ranging interoperability, enhanced perimeter defense against cyber attacks and advanced voice quality monitoring.


  • High-capacity SBC for service providers and large enterprise deployments
  • Offers comprehensive interoperability and reliability
  • Delivers high service performance and voice quality
  • Flexible licensing options for cost-effective scalability
  • Perimeter defense against denial of service, fraud and eavesdropping for strong security


  • Scalable to tens of thousands of SBC sessions
  • Extensive SIP mediation capabilities
  • Supports remote workers and mobile SIP clients
  • VoIP quality monitoring and enforcement
  • Branch survivability during WAN failure
  • Active/Standby high availability


Max. SBC Sessions
  • Mediant 9030 - 30,000 (RTP: 30,000/SRTP: 30,000)
  • Mediant 9080 - 70,000 (RTP: 70,000/SRTP: 40,000)
Max. Registered Users
  • Mediant 9030 - 200,000
  • Mediant 9080 - 500,000
LAN Interfaces 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet ports
Physical Dimensions (W) 434.5 mm x (D) 622.3 mm x (H) 29.7 mm (17.11 in x 27.5 in x 1.7 in)
  • Dual redundant 100-240V AC power supply
  • Dual redundant -48 VDC power supply

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