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Emergency Call Handling in Microsoft Teams

Ensuring safety for employees wherever they are located

  • Emergency call support for mobile employees
  • Enables accurate caller location
  • Presents local DID to PSAP
  • Simple configuration and management


Support for emergency calling, which is mandatory in many regulatory environments, includes the ability to recognize when a call is made to the emergency services, provide information about the caller’s location and ensure the emergency services have the caller’s number for callback purposes.

Microsoft Teams includes support for emergency calling. However, in Direct Routing scenarios, users are associated with a specific location which can lead to issues when users travel, such as visiting a company branch in a different country. In such cases, the PSAP (public-safety answering point) operators will not be able to locate the user accurately or call them back.

Fortunately, the centralized call routing capabilities provided by the AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) deliver an effective solution for complex emergency calling scenarios. As a pivotal element in the Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) architecture, ARM is able to identify callers and called numbers based on their current physical location and perform advanced number manipulation to ensure that emergency call centers are provided with accurate and up-to-date information when they receive a call. ARM also enables a local DID to be assigned to emergency calls to enable PSAP dispatchers to call users back at their current location.


  • Ensure compliance with local E911 emergency call regulation
  • Calls get delivered to the correct PSAP based on user’s current location
  • Calls associated with a local DID to enable callback
  • Simple configuration via ARM GUI


  • Emergency call identification based on multiple parameters
  • Ability to define specific user location down to building/floor level
  • Local DID pool enables callback to user’s current location

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