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Huddle/Focus Room Solutions

Supporting team meetings in tight spaces in today’s hybrid workplace

Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams

The hybrid workplace, where some employees work from home and some from the office, has become commonplace. Huddle rooms are compact, flexible and cost-effective spaces that are equipped with unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These platforms enable video conferencing, screen sharing and content creation, allowing both in-person and remote participants to interact and work together effectively.

Huddle rooms have many advantages for both organizations and employees. They can enhance productivity and creativity, improve communication and engagement, reduce employee travel costs, minimize environmental impact and optimize the use of space.

In many ways, huddle rooms can be seen as the future of hybrid work. They provide a shared experience that empowers teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently wherever they are, while also supporting their individual needs and preferences.

Integrated audio and video solutions for quick deployment in huddle rooms

Sounds Amazing

Huddle rooms are small meeting rooms designed for 4 to 6 participants, seated around a small- to medium-sized table. They have grown in popularity since the beginning of the hybrid era to the point where they now represent the most common meeting room type in the modern workplace. They typically require a single device deployed at the edge of the room to cover the whole area effectively.

It’s a Vision Thing

Crystal-clear video is an essential element of the huddle room experience, significantly boosting productivity by ensuring that every participant feels part of the conversation. For the best visual coverage, a single video camera or collaboration bar can be mounted unobtrusively on or near the huddle room’s screen.

Meeting Management Has Never Been Easier

Touch-enabled screens enable participants to easily join, initiate or schedule meetings, access shared content and manage audio and video settings with a simple tap.

Simplicity from Start to Finish

Our huddle room solutions are cost-effective and very easy to install and operate, with a strong focus on tapping into the increased demand for video-enabled spaces for smaller working groups without compromising productivity.

Room Characteristics

Room size: 9sqm / 100 ft2 | Participant capacity max: 6 | Pickup range: 4.5m / 15 ft

Recommended Products & Solution Bundles

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