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Software-Defined Voice Network

Digital transformation for communications and collaboration solutions

  • Simplified, secure voice services
  • Consolidate cloud and on-prem solutions
  • Operational efficiency and agility
  • Deliver hybrid multi-SaaS offerings


Leveraging the principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), AudioCodes Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) is an open solution designed to help large enterprises undergoing the digital transformation process to simplify the operations of their voice networks and increase call routing efficiency. It achieves this through consolidation of communications silos, connectivity with SIP trunk services and utilization of the corporate IP network to optimize call routing.

Through a combination of AudioCodes' session border controllers (SBCs), global end-to-end call routing and policy management, user management, and voice network management tools, SDvN enables the creation of a universal network that connects on-premises and cloud-based communications solutions without having to replace existing platforms. Central user life cycle management enables corporate IT teams to define users' access to cloud-based communications services based on operational needs. The end result is a future-proof voice infrastructure that is easy to manage, maintains corporate security, and delivers significant capital and operational cost savings.


  • Optimize command and control across heterogeneous systems through centralized management
  • Simplify operations by removing silos and leveraging existing communication systems
  • Rapidly deploy applications and reconfigure network to meet agile business needs
  • Generate multi-cloud, multi-SaaS hybrid solutions tailored to operational needs


  • Central network intelligence achieved through decoupling voice communication logic from voice routing and infrastructure
  • Separation of voice application, network controller and network device layers
  • Heterogeneous, cross-network control plane and intelligent, network-aware optimization logic


Microsoft and AudioCodes collaboration utilizing AudioCodes Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN)

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